Coach Sal, great to have you on the field

Great move getting coach Sal to work with the O line. It'd be nice to see him stay on in the future with the new coaching staff.
A quality coach, and a quality person whom commands respect with his knowledge.
(although will miss him on the fifth quarter)

regards....Buckwheat :cowboy:

Off all the moves made in recent days, I think that the addition of John Salivantis to this team as "O" line coach was the best.
This man is one of the most knowledgeable football men in the CFL. I actually think he could make it as a head coach.

Kick butt, Coach Sal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to agree with you 100% Rocky.
Imagine, we had the best O line coach right here, in our own backyard. :cowboy:

coach Sal........a class act. :thup:

Nice thread, Buckwheat. Although his insightful colour commentary will be missed on the Ticat radio broadcasts, it will be good to see Coach Salavantis working with the Ticat offensive line again.

Great to have you back in the trenches, John.

Welcome back Coach Sal...whip those boys in to Tigers!