Coach Ritchie gets KO'd


Dave Ritchie delivered the quote of the game.

"They said we won. That is good," he said after the Lions' victory.

The reason it is a great quote is that Ritchie wasn't trying to be smart.

The B.C. Lions defensive co-ordinator honestly doesn't remember much from the end of the game because he was knocked over on the sidelines with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Edmonton receiver Jason Tucker and B.C. defender Mark Washington came rumbling into the bench area, causing the trouble.

"I tried to get out of the way," said Ritchie, a 47-year coaching veteran.

"He hit me in the shin and into my knee and then I felt my head hit the ground."

A team doctor told Ritchie he blacked out for a period of time.

Like any tough coach, Ritchie tried to put the headset back on to call defensive plays down the stretch, but had to stop.

Dizzy after the game and not wanting to answer too many questions, Ritchie couldn't even recall his defensive unit's stand in the final minute to keep Edmonton from posting an upset win.

I hope you're OK Coach Ritchie. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Yah Dave Ritchie is a super nice guy! I worked at Canad Inns when he was Bomber Head Coach, and met him many times. I hope he recovers quick!

Second time for Ritchie to be hit like that too. He's getting old to be taking hits like that , best wishes to him .

One of the CFL's greatest coaches of all time

They said yesterday that he has a bruised knee, but other than that he is ok. Good to hear, Ritchie is a class coach and person.

Ya it looks like more than a bruised knee. He blacked out for the last portion of the game which is pretty scary, especially considering the health problems he's had in recent years.

Pretty scary how he had to ask people if the Lions won or not.

Sorry, didnt read the first post. Im sure he will be OK.

YOu need Tank Johnson in your sig too.

not quite.

Why not hes a great coach.

Hey, I love Dave Ritchie.
He was my first choice to coach the Riders this year, but unfortunately, ET doesn't really listen to me.

But one of the greatest coaches ever?
Can't quite go there...

But a little bonk on the noggin isn't gonna slow DR down.
If the heart surgery didn't this won't.
He'll be fine.


Worthy of CFL Hall of Fame induction, that's for sure

Yes, I think he has certainly done enough to get Hall recognition.
When I think of the "great" coaches, I think of Wally, The Don, The Eagle, Bud Grant, Cal Murphy, Ron Lancaster, Hugh Campbell. And I am sure I am overlooking several.
Ritchie is just a nad off my radar compared to those guys.

But as I said, I definately think very highly of him.