Coach R&W makes his own guarentee...

All right rider fans, time to put your green-blooded allegiance to the test....

Prior to the game this Sunday, state in this thread who you align yourself with on your Roughrider - jm02 aligns herself with O. Willis, greenandwhite says he's with T. George, cflisthebest likes K. Shologan, etc.......if Cornish breaks the 100yard challenge and your chosen hero gets benched by Chamblin then you get benched from the forum for a week

...c'mon, be brave

I will be Joe Lobendahn.

I think if anyone picks Shomari Williams they are very brave.

...there's the spirit soupman!!!

PS - multiple forum members can be linked to the same player
PSS - anyone that picks someone from the IL or 9 game list automatically gets benched for being a smarta$$ :twisted:

Conversely R&W, are you now putting your bets on Cornish getting 100? And if he doesn't get it will you be gone for a week? :lol:

…nice try, but nope, the stamps aren’t the ones making all the high falooting bets leading up to this one…besides, I’d be a fool to bet as I don’t think Cornish runs for 100+ yards in this one anyways, the stamps will be too busy chucking bombs downfield against a D that is playing the run like mad… :smiley:

I will take Brent Hawkins

First off let's define "benched". Does that mean they lose their starting spot, or does that mean they don't make the 42 man roster the following week? And are we picking a player from the front 7, or can it be the entire defense?

ok I'm in.

Craig Newman.. :smiley:

PSS - anyone that picks someone from the IL or 9 game list automatically gets benched for being a smarta$$
Does cflisthebest picking someone who doesn't exist (at least not for the riders) count?

...let's let Coach Chamblin answer your question: "if he (Cornish) does (run +100yds), somebody won't be on the field next week"....leaves it sorta open for interpretation eh? so the way I'm defining 'benched' is if a player or players get tagged with being responsible and fall under Coach Chamblin's evil eye of mordor, whatever penalty he levels equals 'benched'...anything from running wind sprints to being cut outright, it's all good...

..and I'm proposing a gentleman's time out here, I'm not banning anyone that might fall victim, it's all on your own merit

...Newman? Unless I'm missing something here, Riderville is showing him as active, albeit in a back-up roll to Brackenridge and playing more on ST than anything other words it appears legit...that being said, Billy's pick shows his nuts clang when he walks, citb's make a swishy sound...(hope that answers your second question g&w :smiley: )

As you may not be as intimate with the Rider Roster as some of us, there is no Craig Newman on this team, there is a Gregg Newman and a Craig Butler, and citb knows it. He knows it so well that he thought that Gregg Newman, a member of the Canadian Hair Force, should not be on the team because his cousin told him he doesn't have heart.

I'll take #95 Mick Williams. The guy has been a stud over the past few weeks, blocking field goals and whatnot.

I still think R&W should have to put something on the line as well.

....mmmmm, I re-read the rules and geez I just didn't see that...maybe when Huf makes a crazy wager I'll have to tho, fair enough?

..Soup, let['s give citb the benefit of the doubt and upgrade his nuts to diamond by tagging him with both Graig Newman AND Craig Butler, as it was probably an honest mistake...

i'll go with Shomari Williams. I don't think Cornish has 100 in him on sunday.

I’m willing to stick my name to Billy’s pick.

...I would commend you on your set of brass ones too jm, but well, that just ain't the case now is it?

Newman isn't imaginary and he's not on the 9 game or PR

Just to be clear, the guarantee is NOT about Cornish. It's about the Riders run defense being accountable. Chamblin did not in any way say that Cornish would not get 100 yards. he said that, IF Cornish got 100 yards, someone on the Rider defense would get benched/cut.

Great idea for a bet, but come on man, it's not a bet without a risk. :wink: You have to put something up. How about something more in line with the guarantee. How about, if none of the Rider players selected in this thread get benched, you put "Kudos to the Riders run D" in green text in your sig for a week? 8)

You know you wanna ...

I'll go with Shomari. He's the weak link. (No posts for week from me if he gets the axe, VGCC picks exempt of course)

Cheers, bro.

..absolutely, VGCC posts are free..

... :thup:

I will say Mick Williams. Last time they played the Stamps Mick was pushed around like a rag doll. That position was the key in their lack of run stop. Now he has a few games under his belt, and has looked better, but it is a safe bet because Alford has played pretty well, and the Rider have 5 DT on the 46.

I don't think that anyone will be gone at 100 yards if Cornish grinds out 100 yards in a heated battle...but if Cornish continually runs up the gut like last time...8 yards off center...yeah...

I believe Cornish will get 100, and I ain't betting because I don't believe there will be consequence.