too conservative!! :thdn: no way team shoulda' lost that game!! :frowning:

i suspect maas is playing hurt...when he trys to throw long, his spirals are not very tight.

Paopao still has the offense toying with too many screens and short passes. Our offense is better than this and I personally think its time to get the ball down field several times a game.
The long bomb, especially when successful gives the offense one more threat for the defense to think about.
Unfortunately, Mass' the few long passes
Mass did throw last night were generally off the mark. We all know what Mass can do, and I think he needs more reps in this area and more importantly, more time.
Getting back to Paopao; he is a very likeable guy, but nice guys don't necessarily make good offensive coordinators. I don't think Paopao come to us with any credentials that say he's a winner, does he? I
've seen him associated mainly with losing football teams during his coaching tenure.
Someone joked about getiing Marv Levy back as a head coach. Marv, of course, is 80 years young now, but has always been a favourite of mine. I'd love to have a Marv Levy in our camp.

I don't think the offensive line is giving Maas very much time. He's in scramble/panic mode before the receivers can get 10 yards downfield.

Joe Paopao needs to mix in a few long passing plays into his Offence
so that Jason and his receivers can get a feel for them early in the game

and "going long" gets the DBs back on their heels and the LBs out of his face.

The question is why doesn't Joe call for long passes?

As I recall, Kerry Joseph seemed to heave a lot of them.

I agree. Maas looks hurt.

These shool yard throws aren't going to cut it.

He's going to have to throw the ball 74,000 times to get his 5,000 yards this year.