coach of year

Weird but why is voting for coach of the year held months after season is over? Player awards are given before the Grey cup game which is the best time.

My vote goes to Greg Marshall. The guy was brilliant. Who else do you know that can work at a job for 6 months, accomplish nothing, and then get a severance package equal to 30 months full pay.?

Not to mention there's 3 finalists which is more than the usual 2 for the player awards. (not to mention that 40% of total head coaches in the league are up for the award).

Every MLA or MP? Oh wait, they get a lifelong pension, that's better. Nevermind... vote would be for Kavis Reed

Good choice as Kavis will be one of the three. The others I think may be; Wally Buono and Paul LaPolice.
I'm leaning towards Paul LaPolice though.

...if those are the three then any one of them deserves it

I say LaPolice as well

3-7 since Labour day. Worst in the league in that time span. I dunno, he better not get it. Kavis or Wally hands down over that performance.

Wally, hands down. Turned it around this year, won cup, most wins all time, then retires.

Media says Buono is the front runner. It's really in all honesty a given...


...I suppose my leaning toward Reed over Buono is based on Buono's experience as a HC, I mean the guy is supposed to be a great coach based on all his years of being so right?...whereas Reed was an untested unknown in the HC chair and took his team to the western final....

...yes Wally won the west, and the cup, and those accomplishments cannot be discounted, but he was also the man in charge when his team started the season at 0-5. I suppose WB will get the nod based on it being a fitting way to end a pretty fabulous coaching career...not undeserved at all

I'm glad for Reed in his first season also; my leaning toward LaPolice who went from 4-14 to 10-8 (won East Final) and a berth in the Grey Cup doesn't happen often either.
All three are deserving of the award.

It should be between Wally easily, although Kavis Reed would be my next choice. To be perfectly honest, Paul Lapolice is the most over-rated coach in the league. I don't see what the big fuss is all about.