Coach of the Year

  • Mike O'Shea
  • Ryan Dinwiddie

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In his second season at the helm, Ryan Dinwiddie guided the Argonauts to an 11-7 mark to claim with the East Division crown, while pushing his career record to 20-12. Toronto went 6-3 on the road and 7-3 in-Division. This is the Elk Grove, Calif., native’s second-straight nomination for this award.

Mike O’Shea led Winnipeg to a league-best 15-3 record, including an 8-1 showing at IG Field and a 10-1 mark against divisional opponents. Winnipeg’s win total established a new franchise record with the team set for a fourth consecutive Western Final appearance. At eight seasons, the North Bay, Ont., native is the longest-serving coach in the CFL with a career record of 82-58. His .833 winning percentage this season surpassed his previous best of .786 established last season.

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Well if course it will go to the east team... I mean why would it not go the least qualified coach to win

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I don't know.

Can you cut one of the MOSTP nominees in camp and still win COTY?

My money's on O'Shea. He dealt with a lot of turnover and injuries and kept his team chugging along.


I vote for O'Shea he has helped create stability and pride in Winnipeg .


O’Shea is the best at getting the most out of his players and ensuring his positional coaches have their players ready to go anytime.

He is able to make hard decisions with absolute confidence, leads by example, sets his players up for success and trusts his players.

And he is Canadian. Celebrate that too.


O’Shea unanimously

And that hurts to say coming from a Tiger Cat fan :grinning:


considering the Lions turnaround from last year, i can't believe Campbell isn't a candidate.

but definitely O'Shea. lol @ Dinwiddie tho

this whole east-west division thing even f*ks up the awards IMO


Why because Rourke lost to Collaros in MOP?

what does that have to do with anything?

O'Shea for the win. Anybody can see Campbell would be a more worthy second choice than Dinwiddie. I'm sure the tally wouldn't be 18-0 (at this point) if it was Campbell/ O'Shea.


COY is one year end award that should be decided on merit strictly on a team basis . It's rather silly that the rules state that it's an East vs West setup . To me the two finalists should've been O'Shea and Campbell .

O'Shea kept a powerhouse humming and actually bettered his record of last season along the way . Campbell resurrected a mediocre , moribund team before he got there and brought them back from the dead after two seasons of missing the play-offs .


For sure it would be a closer split. But O’Shea had to receive more votes then Rick Campbell to be the West nominee, no?


Yes, of course, meaning O'Shea would probably win no matter the format. This is starting to look remarkably like another debate on single/two division set-up for the league, isn't it? We didn't get the 2 best to pick from, a point that could be raised with the other categories as well. Tis what it is. 20-0 right now I see. :smiley:


Well that’s why the awards aren’t determined on this forum. :smiley::+1:t2:

For sure we don’t need another thread devoted to the 1 or 2 division league topic.

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Unfortunately it always seems to come around to that. Could it be because the divisions are a foundational problem contributing to so many of the league's other issues?