Coach of the Year

Steinauer is getting some love in this article, but it’s not unanimous.Four out of five pundits pick Orlondo, while Jim Morris sees it as a race between Khari Jones and Other Dickenson.

The Weekly Say: Who’s the front-runner for coach of the year?

(Further down, Morris argues that it will be tough for Ticats to keep both Masoli and Evans because other teams may be interested in Evans - who of course is signed through to 2021.)

COY has to be Steinauer.

If COY was a fan based achievement, then Craig Dickinson would be the guy, as Rider fans would all simply vote for him.
Luckily, its the sportswriters, and more often than not they get it right.
If Speedy wins MOP, the sportswriters may not vote for Orlondo and go another direction. Perhaps Jones, for resurrectinga franchise.

We have discussed the scenerio of Masoli getting an extension for a year and working himself back (on an another thread), he probably will not be ready for Spring. Best scenerio for him and the team. Takes pressure off both.

This year I would like to see good QBs coming from West to East… but I must say 2019 worked out pretty good with Evans and Adams…for Ottawa and Toronto not so much.
Then there is the Lions, argualbly best QB in the league; they still struggled - you need a team not just a QB.

The more this season has gone on, the more I see Coach O guiding the boys like Don Mathews . He seems to enjoy the sideline experience but you know that he wants the Cats to step on some throats .
I see him as a quiet assassin.

Mathews’ Argos and Als regularly ran up the scores on opponents and I would love to see the Cats finish the season by stomping on all 3 upcoming opponents . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Also can’t see giving it to the same team again, as Chris Jones won last year didn’t he?

Ticats have earned 3 awards IMO MOP=Speedy, COY=Orlando and Defensive MOP=Simoni.

This will never happen just because they will want to spread the love around even though anyone else does not come close to our guys.

And Frankie Williams for STs ? Is it possible to get too many awards?
I’m worried.

When are these awards announced? I would hate to see one of our guys (Speedy) having a snit and pout because he did not win before the big game

GC Week.

Not only did Chris Jones win COTY last year… But the Riders finished 12-6.

New coach, potential to be 13-5.

Can’t make this stuff up.

League made Offensive Lineman Award seperate in 1974. A Tiger Cat has never won it.

I am sure the award they all want is the Grey Cup.

He cant help himself.

Agreed that is not in question.

Coach of the Year is usually awarded to the guy who turns or greatly improves a franchise around in only one season. Craig Dickenson inherited a 12-6 team.

Assuming Sask, Hamilton and Montreal win their final game the improvement in wins over last year is as follows:

C. Dickenson: +1
Khari Jones: +5
O. Steinauer: +7

Dickenson did a fine job but the race should be between Khari and Orlondo.

Orlondo should get it but you never know. Khari singing along to Zeppelin on the sidelines might end up swaying the voters. ;D

Well, you have to admit, it’s been a long time. Been a long time. Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.

Orlondo loses his starting QB & still ends up with the best record in the league.

If anyone else gets it, it would be a travesty.

In Memoriam
Charlie Taaffe (Apr 20, 1950-Oct 30, 2019)


Some heavy duty praise for our Head Coach, and other great thought’s about this year’s Tiger-Cats “team” from a guy who I’m glad is back, and part of it:

Coach of the Year has to be Orlondo. If any other coach gets it we will be robbed.