Coach of the year.

After starting 0-8 and then go8ng 6-4, with 4 very close losses, do people think June Jones is being discussed for coach of the year? I have to think yes. It certainly would be nice to see him get recognized for his hard work.

No chance. Recognition will a HC offer from someone.

Too late , it's already been announced . It's Trestman from the East vs Dickinson from the West .
Personally although I don't really care for the guy I think that Corky Jones should have got the nod in the West . Unfortunately in the East I have to agree with the selection of Trestman and what he has done with Toronto this season .

Dickenson inherited a cup contender when he took over from Hufnagel. He was already the OC, so the offensive game plan was also in place and so was the starting quarterback.

His, I think, is the weakest case of any of the current head coaches in the league.

June Jones walked into a place where the team was 0-8. No successful starting quarterback. He had to build an offense and breathe some life into the defense. Doesn't have the depth of understanding of the game, it's rules and procedures, so he had to learn on the fly.Problem is that he came into this situation half way through the season, so he wouldn't be considered.

But then again, look at the job that Kent Austin did here in his first two years and yet didn't win.

The decision is not always just or makes sense.

Can’t imagine that a team that finished eighth in a nine team league would ever see the coach nominated for coach of the year. Especially when number nine was being coached by its GM at the end.

The turn around might bode well for voting in the following year, but not the current one.

It appears that this is the year of everything ARGO . Judging by the all- star voting , the number of games played seems irrelevant . Butler and "Clubber" Laing played 12 and 11 games but were voted best D tackles in the East . Murray and Vaughn were the best D halfbacks in the East ???. Rookie of the year candidate James Wilder played 15 games and rushed for 67 yards against the TiCats in 3 games but he was the best first year player ?? Please !

This is the year of the Argo !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

When the argo ownership is also the broadcast partner for the league (TSN), that exerts influence in the decision making.

The CFL also has a stake in providing as much positive news for the Toronto team as possible.

Let's keep in mind that they qualified for first with a .500 record, and everyone else had a losing finish in this same division. Doesn't speak well for the good of this conference.

To be fair we did the exact same in 2014 and came a penalty away from being Grey Cup Champions.

That year we got 3 players on the all star team and not one post season award.

Not exactly sterling endorsements from the league

Worst to first, employer is the league broadcaster, home market is the plum for the league, the owner and the broadcaster. My rent money is on Trestman to win. And really, is there anyone in captivity who really likes Dickerson and his attitude?

I would have given Jones the nod; as he took a team in complete disarray, tore it down and built it back.... with two back up QBs.
Recognized fan favs like Chick, Durrant and others had their best days behind them.
Even O'shame in the peg was a better choice.
League almost feels like they owe something to Dickinson.

And how many times over the last couple of years has Chris Jones been cited by the league for violating personnel rules?

And then there are those salary cap violations...

It would be ridiculous to award such a distinction to a serial cheater...

He has the most improved team. It's not the ethics man of year award, it' the coach of the year award. He knows how to build teams, already won a cup.
Much better than anyone we have had since Lancaster.

"And really, is there anyone in captivity who really likes Dickerson and his attitude?"

I just don't think that Dickenson has had to accomplish much as a head coach.

He took over a cup contender from John Hufnagel, so there were no team to build.

He carried over much the same coaching staff, so that was not an obstacle.

He continued as the OC, so he was not new to the team and the offensive game plan was already in place.

He didn't have to develop or locate a starting quarterback, so his signal caller was familiar and arguably the best in the league.

So, how hard or challenging has his job truly been??

But he accomplished that success, to some degree, violating league rules....gaining an unworthy advantage.

Otherwise, why have those rules...

Would his team be where they are now if he had to follow the same rules as every other franchise??

Likely not...

Well, it must have been challenging to keep that angry look on his face throughout all the success the team has had.

It used to be that the COTY award was just automatically given to the Grey Cup winner without any further thought. Now that the voting happens earlier, it looks like the voters are just automatically giving it to the team with the best record in the division without any further thought.

I would like to see coach of the year opened up to co would be a more interesting contest and give the ocs and dcs higher profile.sometimes a new co ordinator turns a unit completely around

If Jones got 2-3 more wins and we finished close to .500 they could have easily given it to him. Going 8-2 vs 6-4 is a big difference.

Quite simply put , if we would've won those two late season games that we had leads in and never should've lost against Toronto and Ottawa then this Jones led team would've finished in 1rst in the East after going 8-2 under Jones . The game against Toronto if we would've won would've given us the season series against them and the game we should've won against Ottawa would've given us one more pt in the standings then Ottawa eventually wound up with and eliminated them from the play-offs instead of us.

Final East Standings (if we won both games against Toronto and Ottawa )

Hamilton..........8 - 10 - 0 - 16
Toronto............8 - 10 - 0 - 16
Ottawa.............7 - 10 - 1 - 15
Montreal...........3 - 15 - 0 - 6

A much more satisfying finish...but alas....

Ottawa did get eliminated...although a game later...almost as good...