Coach of the Year

It has to be LaPolice. Second year as head coach and he has done a great job in turning around the Bombers. Yeah the Lions and Buono won the Cup but the Lions have had their key group of talent in place for some time and they haven't needed quite the turnaround the Bombers needed.

I still don't know why it takes so bloody long to figure out who the finalists are, its not like something changed between now and November.

just kidding

I dunno, I'm inclined to go Buono. They had a lot of young receivers to deal with, and a basically a first time starting QB. They had issues on oline and injuries on d line. They also lost Sanchez and Franks for the year in the first month. But he kept it all together through all of that adversity. 2011 may have been Buono's finest moment in a long career of fine moments.

My vote goes with Paul LaPolice as well.

I'm with you prairiedog.

If I had a vote, it'd be Buono first, Reed second, Lapolice third.

It should be Buono by a landslide. Finishing 3-7 in your last 10 games of the season is not coach of the year caliber, in my opinion. Kavis Reed would be second choice. His team achieved far greater than I certainly expected them to.

Buono is easily best coach of 2011 because sportswriters have already voted BC as team of the year. A rare honor for any CFL team. Greatest turnaround in CFL history as BC went from being worst team to winning almost everything that every team aspires to achieve. Top team in regular season, division champion and grey cup winner. Winnipeg and Edmonton failed to achieve as much.

We go through this every year. For the love of God, CFL, move it up!!!

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I wouldn't mind it going to Reed or LaPolice, except both of their teams really tanked in the second half. I'd probably give it to Wally.

As far as I know the CFL has their 3 day annual Congress Meeting at the end of Feb. and on the third day the Coach of the Year is announced.

they have to give the coaches enough time to grease palms

My vote goes to Buono. Not only did he admit he had made some serious errors and credited and turned over many decisions to his staff, he helped a number of his players to improve their situation even if it meant letting them go, Whyte comes to mind. He also perevered after a brutal start to by the end of the season having by far the best team in the league.

It isn't even close. Buono by landslide...