Coach of the Year...?

who gets it?

who’ll be the 3 at the end?


those are my 3…

now, depending on the next 4 remaining weeks. if B.C. can win a few more and get sole possession of 1st, I think Buono gets it.

Miller, Marshall and Barker.


Trestman has been the best coach in the league for the past 3 years. LaPolice will probably get it tho. Big turnaround in record always gets it. It seems to be almost the ONLY factor. It's like not watching any games, then picking MVP just by stats. Not to take anything away from LaPolice, but Trestman is on the leading edge of new coaches who master psychology more than anything. His team is always focused on the task at hand. He is ahead of the curve.

This mostly sums up how I feel but Im not too impressed with how Trestman manages the clock in the fourth quarter when he has a lead. He tends to get very conservative at that point rather than keep the pedal to the floor all the way to the end

Wally Buono and Lapolice have to be the favorites right now.