Coach of the Year

Not for another year...

Around the end of February or there abouts.

Does it really matter by then??

CFL game rules

CFL League front office totally sucks.

Yea, it doesn't seem to be that advertent.

So according to the homepage, the winner will be announced this afternoon.

...does anybody still care...? :expressionless:

I vote Barker but I'm just thinking here off topic, man do CFL fans and their teams do not like to look down the future for more the 2 years! :roll: In the NFL,teams are always looking for a young quarterback to build their teams around! (like the Rams and Sam Bradford or the Jets and Mark Sanchez, Cheifs Matt Cassel, Lions Matt Stafford ect ect ect....) With the exception of the Redskins and McNabb and Vikes with Favre) But all I ever here in the CFL is "lets bring in this 39 year old Quarter back that hasn't thrown a pass in 3 years and hasn't played in a whole season in 4, but he's a team player". well sorry my friends if you can't throw a ball but your a team player it doesn't help when your 40 year old QB is getting sacked and throwing INT's well your team is out their gettin' their butts whooped'! Guys like Maas, Joseph, Bishop ect are DONE! They had decent if not great carrers when they were in there prime but your only hurting your team when you bring in some rusty has-been quarterback, teams should start looking towards the future and stop trying to re-kindle a washed up quarterbacks past.... just sayin'

PS: Guys like, Calvillo, Ray and Burris are doing quite fine but their proven starters and have been for a long time it's the guys that sit on the bench for 3 seasons and then get released and people think they still have something left in the "tank" kind of erks me...

...saskfan23, here is a plausible answer to your the NFL some teams like the Rams, Lions and Chiefs can afford to groom a young QB as they realistically have no chance at a title (sure sure the Chiefs made the playoffs but their season was a miracle, a bunch of kids that didnt' know they were supposed to suck, and ended up sucking pretty badly once the stakes got large)'s not just their QB that is weak relatively speaking, but all sorts of facets to their squad that are in rebuild mode.... the CFL, given the eight team size and the arguably easy entry requirements to the playoffs ANY team has a legitimate shot, even more so since the SMS has taken effect...this is why I think a legit starting QB, even a rusty one, is so much more important in our league than the NFL

...effectively, in the NFL a team can tell their fans 'hey, we're gonna be terrible for awhile, but it'll come around' and not really hurt their ability to make money or lose fans [cough] cleveland browns [cough] but try this in the CFL and youare going to lose fan support instantly...just my thoughts...

Barker should get it

Trestman and Miller had exceptional teams filled with veterans, Barker took a failing franchise where most of it's vets having jumped ship and made it into a contender. Granted, without Corey Boyd they would not have done anywhere near as well, but he still deserves a lot of credit. That and lots of ballsy trick plays came from Barker and made it a very interesting season.

Agree it was refreshing to see some razz dazzle back in the CFL, It would be awesome to see some miss-derection by the TiCats O,and S.T. :thup:

I see, I guess your right, with the size of market teams have in the CFL it probably would hurt if a team missed the playoffs for a large # of years, my thing with it though is maybe you don't have to go draft a young guy and groom him for the next 4 years but you sure as :twisted: don't have to go get a guy who hasn't thrown a CFL pass in over 4 years, maybe find a happy medium, I just don't like how people can think that they can just pull a guy from the gutters and make him help your team be a winner.

Barker got it. Congrats to him.

...I think Barker and his club surprised the hell out of everyone last season...He definitely deserves the award and he might want to share a little of the accolades with Mike O'Shea :wink:

He managed to turn that team around practicaly by himself. Can't even count Rita, at least I dont. He did it without mortgaging the future and without breaking the bank. Hell of an accomplishment. Really deserved.

Barker was quoted at one point during last season that he thought O'Shea should win the award so I wouldn't be surprised if he lets O'Shea put it on his mantle on a timeshare basis. 8)

Would have received my vote, that team didn't even have a qb last year right up until about March I think.

Good job Mr. Barker. And organization. :thup:

Hell of an improvement in Toronto, maybe people there will actually notice!


Agreed. The job Barker & Co. did with the mess they inherited in such a short time period was impressive. He was a most deserving winner of the coach of the year

I’m an Als fan but I have to give it to Barker. Yes, Trestman is a fantastic coach but he had a phenomenal team, Barker didn’t. What Barker did with the Argos is nothing short of amazing. He is coach of the year and it is well-deserved. We Als fans are going to have to keep an eye on the Boatmen this year because they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with this coming season. Until the Leafs are a good team, the good old Montreal-Toronto rivalry will live on in the CFL! :rockin: