Coach of the Year

It's getting to that time... TSN has a poll asking who the early favourite is. Naturally, Ken Miller is winning. :lol:

Personally, I'm torn between Jim Barker and John Hufnagel. Barker has definitely improved that team, and the Argos have some nice pieces to build on for next season. John Hufnagel has his team playing excellent football. The Stamps faltered for a couple weeks, but they had a great bounce back game this weekend, and I expect them to continue playing great football for the rest of the season.

huff or barker.

If history is any indication, the three finalists will be the two Grey Cup coaches and Barker. If Toronto somehow gets to the GC (a very long shot, obviously), then the finalists will be Barker, the other GC coach and either Trestman or the coach of the other West finalist.

I think if this poll had been about 4 weeks ago? Barker would be in the running, but his team hasn't exactly been too outstanding lately, and at 6-7 I don't really consider that Barker has made this team that much better.

sure they have 2 more wins than they had all of last year but this isn't exactly outstanding!

there is a very good chance that Toronto could finish below .500 and in 3rd place.

now as far as I am concerned, Miller, Hufnagel are the top 2. and Trestman won't because his team has been worse than last years as far as their record is concerned.

the Riders could conceivably be 14-4 at the end of the year,

Stampeders could be too if they dont' lose any games besides the Riders upcoming game :stuck_out_tongue:


That's just my opinion of course.

The Argos are 6-7 this season. In their two previous seasons they had a total of 7 wins! Even if this team finishes with a sub .500 record and in third place, it'll still be an improvement. Not many people expected much from this team. New head coach, new QB with zero CFL experience. I'd say the Argos have exceeded expectations.

lol if toronto gets to the gc he will win it for sure

Earlier in the season it was Barker in a walk.
It might be closer this year between Huff and him, but you can't overlook the fact he took an absolute atrocious team and made them respectable.

If Calgary makes it to the Grey Cup or even wins though, Huffnagel should be the guy.
He took a team that a lot of people figured would struggle because of all their losses in the off-season.
Yet, they still remained as an elite team in the CFL.

Could be anybody. Lapolice or Hall could win if they went 5-0 the rest of the way. At this point I can't even think of a "favorite".

I think Barker isn't done with this team as far as changes go.

next year is their year.

this year is a wash now.

they're gonna lose next week and they have Montreal I believe 2 more times?

Don't forget the Argos gave Montreal its only division loss...

If Hall wins Coach of the Year, he could be the first coach to win it after being fired. :lol:

ya but the Argos have lost all their confidence.. and they're not the same team they were at the start.

plus Lemon is gone, Bell has not proven much so far.

I can't see them being much of a threat.

But they still have Boyd, Owens, and Durie. Besides, I didn't think Bell looked that bad. The Argos called a bit of a conservative game, but that's not surprising considering it was his first start. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Argos are going to finish 5-0. But I don't think they'll finish 0-5, either. I could see them potentially beating Hamilton and/or Winnipeg and potentially taking one of the Montreal games. If the Argos can finish 8-10, I'd say they did pretty damn well.

ok, you may be right.

but I see Toronto not winning either Montreal games. 2 wins more at the most.

My vote at COTY is Barker. Even without a solid QB, his team is still within reach. However he is now calling for the GMs to look at his proposal to have a special place on the rosters of each team for a Canadian QB and, he has brought back the Queens QB to the team for this season. The opportunity to develop one of our Canadian QBs is something that has not been available to date. We have had a very limited number of our Canadians at QB and I really like Barker's idea.

Ya but the only problem what the idea is there is only 1 QB on the entire CFL league that's Canadian that is even with a team in any aspect.

you would have to start getting 8 QB's and there are NOT 8 QBs from Canada that have a serious shot here.

Barker very well may be a finalist considering Bellefeieux (sp?) was last year. I dont expect him to win. Huffnagel or Miller, depending on who wins the west, and Trestmen will be the other finalists.

My only quibble would be that in many cases, the coordinators are more important than the head coach. For example, Calgary's been outstanding this season, but I suspect it is more due to the stellar jobs being done by Dave Dickenson as offensive coordinator and Chris Jones as defensive coordinator. Mind you give Huf credit for having the smarts to hire those two. . .

I would go with Barker, no matter how Toronto finishes.. if they win one more game, that is equal to the amount of wins they had over two seasons.. they also have two promising QBs, which many teams do not have...

ya but Barker hasn't been able to get his team to win the big games down the stretch here! a coach that is truly outstanding and has Coach of the year status gets his team beyond that 6-7 win status.

he has had a number of games this season where if they had won, they'd be alone in 2nd a few games above Hamilton and possibly fighting the Als for first.

they're showing that they are still inept on offense.