Coach of the Year

For the record, I am an Eskimos fan and I always will be. But for coach of the year, my vote goes to Tom Higgins. Not only because of the turn around in Calgary,(they are going to be contenders next year), but his class. How can you not like a guy who goes into the dressing room of the team who fired him last year and pass out handshakes and congrats for knocking him out of the playoffs? Letting Higgins go last year was a mistake and letting Maas go this year would too.

I have to agree with you Higgens is all about class. Well keep him no doubt about it. Proud to have him, the team and the ownership that is now the Calgary Stampeders!

What other team has improved so much this season?

If the Argos win the Grey Cup, I think Pinball will win it. If not, it'll be Higgins.

But in my opinion, it should be Higgins either way.

Higgins has my vote. Earlier in the year it would have been Wally, but now Buono gets just about dead last in my books.

Agree with you Billy. If Edmonton beats BC on SUnday Wally is last on the ballot!

Higgins and the management have really turned Calgary around!

My vote for coach of the year would also go to Tom Higgins of the Calgary Stampeders, mainly because of the vast improvement of the Stampeders under his leadership. However, I must comment on his class, for going into the Eskimos locker room, the team that fired him the previous year, to congratulate the players and coaches of the Eskimos for their hard earned victory. Even though he was fired, he must have some friends on the Eskimo team to want to do that, and I'm sure he earned a few more because of this totally unselfish and sincere gesture. So many times we hear reports on the greedy, selfish, self-centered, and all about me people of professional sports. This time a decent, hard-working, and classy man did something that everyone should when they lose (I know it's not easy to do), and that should be noted too.
Thank you Tom Higgins, you forgot more about class than most people know.

It should be higgins or pinball but Id like to argue that matthews should be below buono on the vote total

If he should win the cup, why not Mathiews?
Think about it, He has a domonint team last year only to lose the Easten final. The slide continues this year but he pulls the team together at the right time and wins the cup.

If MONTREAL wins the CUP , I agree!

PINBALL, lost last year , but it is hard not to pick HIGGINS.