Coach of the Year-- Ron Lancaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8) Coach of the Year should go to Ronnie Lancaster for turning the Ti-Cats around. Beating the defending Grey cup champions must be sweet for Ronnie and the Ti-Cats.

Well done Ti-Cats

Riders rule
Esks drool!! :rockin: :cowboy:

oh brother

how did he turn the ticats around? if im corret they have won 2 games with him as coach and hadnt scored a touchdown at home in 4 games.

lol... I disagree- I give it it Buono

Ronnie for P.M. too!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Turkey. This is truly unprecedented. After all, the Eskimos usually win at Ivor Wynne... errrrr... haven't won there since 2003.

song to the Esks. ( sung to tune of Oh Donna by Ritchie Valens)

there was a boy
Danny was his name
on the gridiron field
his fortunes have gone lame
but he loves his headphones
where oh where can they be???
where can they be?

Oh Danny, Oh Danny
Oh Danny, Oh Danny

The Green and Gold
keep saying they are great
maybe it's time to hold the wake
cuz the eskimo pie
is melting , melting away
what can I say!!!

Bye Danny
Bye Danny
Bye Danny
Bye Danny

  • Riders Rule
    Esks Drool!

The coach of the year award usually goes to either the best team or most improved team. Unfortunately, Hamilton is not in either category. Favorites are Buono and Berry.

Another single for the Turkeybend hits CD.

Hey Turkey, will K-Tel have it in the store by Christmas? :wink:

I think it will be a toss up between Buono and Higgins depending how the rest of the season goes.

If Winnipeg continues to struggle i doubt Berry will get it. The last few games they have proved they're not much better then last year.

As much as I hate to say it, what about Pinball? The Argos are one of the hottest teams in the league right now, and isn't he due?

yeah, Lancaster desrves some credit for getting the Cats the few wins they have had.

gettin 2 wins does not qualify you for coach of the year

Coach of the year: hell no
some credit: hell yes!

Not even credit!
How many loses did he get with those 2 wins?
4? 5?

lancaster cant coache period.

Lancaster was a decent coach a few years back

He was good when he coached the Esks perhaps times have changed...

He has a GC with Hamilton as well no?

like 7 years ago, perhaps times have changed since then too lol.