Coach of the Year Nominees

Kent Austin is my pick to win it. Wally with all his injuries as runner up. But can some one tell me why Pinball is there again? Don't get me wrong, I like Pinball, but really, what did Toronto really do this year? If they had to pick a third nominee then maybe Doug Berry from Winnipeg for getting the bombers to the Grey Cup.

Why Pinball?

Austin should be D,Qd- and Berry should be there for sure. WHO picks these nominees?

The voting might be in before the play-offs.
Not sure about that.
However, I think Kent will win, but I think Pinball actually did an oustanding job this year.
That team was 2-6 and a disaster waiting to happen, and somehow, without a bonafide starting QB, they managed to finish first?
I had them pegged to possibly be last in the East.
And I think they may have had as many, or more injuries than BC did.
What were they down to at one point--the 5th string QB that had only been in camp a week?
Most of their receiving corp was down, RBs were dropping like flies.
Outside of DD, did the Lions really have that many injuries last year?
A fair number at one time--but that lasted maybe 3-4 games, then they were nearly injury free after that.

Anyway, those are the 3 guys I would have on my list.
And Pinball might actually get my vote. Depends on the timing.
It's all about expectations when it comes to coach of the year.

Fortunately, not you....

Sports writers across Canada get to vote.

Why should Austin be DQ'd?

Actually Arius, you open up a new can of worms. The Coach doesn't bring in players, the GM does. I guess if I look for a definition of Coach, it would be " A person who can elevate the level of play from his players" or " A person that brings a strategy (Game plan?) (Plays?) to constantly have his team win".

Hmmm, you've given me some new thoughts to ponder on how to measure a Coach of the year Candidate.

I've got it! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I nominate Charlie Taffe! He obviously was able to keep Casey Printers in line without poisoning the Locker room! That is a Coach feat in itself! :wink:

...totally agree sport...and this coming from a leos' fan....I guess they wanted to give 'pinner' a going away the expense of Berry...seems we just can't catch a break...shut-out on all of the players awards last year...(except for Charlie and his fan favourite award) and now this....Guess we'll just have to try harder... :lol: :roll:

Didn't Berry win it last year?
As I is all about expectations.
Berry won last year because the Bombers weren't even supposed to make the play-offs.
This year, he isn't even nominated because the Bombers were supposed to finish in first place and did not.
Wally is on the list because he lost DD and the team was 14-3-1. Not too shabby.
Berry is a close 4th. But I think they have the correct 3.
Winnipeg should be #1 in the East in 2008.
If they get there, then maybe Berry gets the nod again...

Re Austin- IMHO he should be withdrawn because he bailed on his team> a Championship Team That can now never repeat as Champions. -So why recognise his work, when there are other Coaches Just as deserving - Add Berry drop Austin imo

Ummm...let me think about that.

Glad to see that you have written off the Riders already. Thats real smart.

I know Wally won't win it, because he never does, despite his team winning 14 games with the 3rd string QB.

Umm... he won it last year? Can't say he never wins it. And I agree with the nominees, Pinball deserves it for getting a 2-6 team into the playoffs. Buono deserves it for a franchise record 14 wins. But in the end, Austin's gonna take home the prize.

they should have done this earlier. the effect is kind of worn off because one coach is retired and the other is gone far away.

Amazing that the voting is done 3 months ago but they announce it today!

Rick Dhaliwahl of CKNW made a great suggestion on the Noon Sports. Just have an Eastern nominee and a Western nominee. Forget three out of eight Coaches being nominated.

His picks, Austin to win, Berry as the Runner up.

I'd pick Kent this time even if he is gone, then I'd pick Buono, what a coach he is! But im confused with Pinball, I'd rather see Berry there... I'm a 'Pegger, but I'm saying that objectively.

Just because he "bailed" :roll: , should not DQ him at all. He did take a good team , and elevated them to GC champions.. and aside from that, you vote according to what happened during the season, not what happened during the offseason.

Austin is a shoe in think about it 1st year head coach wins the Grey cup end of story just hope he will show for the hounour

My sentiments exactly

He took his team to and won the grey cup for the first time in 18 years....I think that warrants a nomination, if not a win