Coach of the Year Nominations

Wally won the cup!
Berry took the team from a 5-13 last place to a 9-9 playoffspot.

Why was Pinball nominated?

Why was Pinball nominated
consistancy, and noone else not nominated did better.

Wally should run away with it anyhow.

my guess

vote percentage
wally - 63
berry - 28
pinball - 9

Even though I would rather pinball get it.

He should have had it by now.

What does consistency have to do with it?
First of all it coach of the year not decade.
Second he was first in 2005 and second in 2006.
They give awards for doing worst now?

And when you get down to it. Why 3 nominations?
Seems to me it should be 2, one from the east and one from the west.

If Berry gets it that would be a jas much a joke as Pinball being nominated. Berry made only 4 wins more then the previous year. That had more to do with the fact they added players to their roster not coaching. Pinball nomination for what? Wally hands down should win it. I am not a Bouno fan by the way. But really can you compare these three I think not.

I agree it should be Wally but I think Berry would have had a better record had Stegal and Glenn not been injured, and they were 1 botched play away from the eastern final.

Berry may have had only 4 more wins but.....Only BC and Wpg had improved records in 2006

wins difference from 2005
Cal -1
Sask 0
Edm -4
BC +1

Mtl 0
Tor -1
Wpg +4
Ham -1

I hope Wally DOESN'T Win it. Haven't the last few Coach of the Year winners gotten fired within Two Years of winning? :wink: :wink:

I agree ro1313, why are there three nominees? should have one from the West and one from the East.

The Pinball nominee doesn't make sense to me either.

Pinnball managed to get his team above .500 even though they were injury ravaged

In terms of the Pinball nomination...

Hamilton's coach got fired...
Danny Barret got fired...
Jim Popp came in too late...
Danny Maciocia's team wasn't good...
Tom Higgins did not improve his team.

Who's more deserving than Pinball other than Wally and Berry?

To me, it should be Doug Berry.

why do these come so late after the season?...should be announced during grey cup week.

That right there is a bold face lie.

Second he was first in 2005 and second in 2006. They give awards for doing worst now?
its not just the end result but the obstacles one overcomes and how well one does that. Toronto shouldnt have even been in the playoffs

No idea why Pinball is on the list.
Of Berry or Bouno , the clear choice is Bouno. It is much easier to go from a cellar team to mid-pack than it is from a good contender to the class team for the season. It wasn't to hard to better the Bombers previous years record , another words.
Consider also Bouno's recovery from BC's late season slide for the last 7 games , to become dominant again.

As a Bomber fan I think Wally Bouno should win it. Stegall and Glenn getting injured killed any chance of Berry winning this award.

And I agree Pinball doesn't belong but nobody else really does either. Of those who were left after Berry and Bouno he makes the most sense.

Bold faced yes. Lie no. I am not a fan of Bouno’s.

Pinball as a default 3rd choice does make sense, to anyone who "gets" it

Not one person complaining about it has suggested who else should be 3rd instead

Exactly it should only be a two horse race as I can see it. Even then Berry would be a long shot. Bouno should have this award hands down. Again for Piggy I am not a Wally fan.

it strikes me that if a coachteam got 17 wins one season, then only 15 the next season, many would say, hey he won 2 less games, no way he should be nominated :roll:

No way Pinball should win this thing this yr, but he got the team to 10 wins inspite of more adversity this yr. He still did good.

Piggy, I have to side with R&W2005. We have both had discussions about Buono, and R&W2005 is definately NOT a Buono fan! In fact R&W2005 has pointed out things Wally has done in Calgary that he is doing in BC.

Having got that out of the way, Berry for coach of the year. I like Wally and I don't want him jinxed! :wink: :wink:

BTW - I hear there is soon going to be an R&W upgrade.

R&W2008 will be released in the fall…no wait, thats not right

R&W2008 is coming out…no, thats no good either

R&W2008 will soon be in a store near you…well, actually, more than one, at the same time even…well, that will have to do :slight_smile:

Except thats it RW, not R&W…get it right, eh sportman :stuck_out_tongue: