Coach of the year Finalists

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 15m15 minutes ago
Tom Higgins, John Hufnagel and Chris Jones are the #CFL coach of the year finalists. Winner announced on Jan. 21 in Winnipeg.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 29m29 minutes ago
Chris Jones, John Hufnagel & Tom Higgins the finalists for #CFL COY. In other words, no love for #Ticats Kent Austin.

Hufnagel has it in the bag, Higgins is just bad and Jones is an “A” Hole

Not sure why Higgins made the list. Popp had to hire 20 new assistants halfway through the season to turn the team around. Higgins had nothing to do with it, IMO.

Austin's turnaround of the Ticats (to a Grey Cup appearance in which they were cheated out of a win by a bad call) despite their slow start/injury problems merits him being nominated at least, IMO.

Media ignorant of the CFL, Austin should be runner up. Higgins demoted to nfl :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing to me Austin in is not on the list.

Austin is on the s##t list of the higher ups because he doesn't make nicey nice and says what he thinks. I'm sure we are more bothered by this than he is. I like that about him, but still this this whole award is little more than a popularity contest.

#1/ Hufnagel has it in the bag..........100 % Agree :thup: :cowboy: :thup:
#2/Higgins is just bad...................100 % Agree :thdn: :oops: :thdn:
#3/Jones is an "A"Hole..................100 % Agree :thup: :twisted: :thdn:

#4/No love for #Ticats Kent Austin....100 % Agree.....but in reality does it really surprise anybody ? prediction: Austin will win the COY in 2015 after he takes us back to the Cup for a 3rd straight year and the team finally wins it this time around ala "1986" :smiley: as the saying goes....3rd times the charm :slight_smile:

Sorry but KA doesn't belong on the list, I know , I know, consecutive Grey Cup appearences
coaches are judged by how they produce over the regular season on that basis the award should go to the Eskimo coach Ahole or not. they had the best turn around year in the League.

If the ulitmate goal of any professional sports team is to get to the championship game and win it, then Austin has done better than Jones and Higgins hands down. He's faced considerably more obstacles than the other two.

I can understand why Jones was a candidate, but Higgins???

Kent Austin should have been part of the vote, No question in my mind.

:thup: :thup: Agree 100%