coach of the year award

barker should give his back

clearly last yr was a fluke having nothing to do with his coaching

I don't think he should. :lol: The Argos were a decent team last year. They were creative and determined. Barker had the team believing. The problem now is Barker didn't do anything to improve the roster, and they haven't been that creative.

Clearly the Argos played over their heads last year.... and won in spite of lot of coaching decisions!

Paul Lapolice for COTY..

Reed had help! :wink:

It's hard to believe the Argos coaching staff didn't look at their team
And say,
"You know what...we could probably use some help at receiver"

If we weren't in the same division
I'd say the Alouettes should straight-up swap a receiver or two
For some defensive line help

Win win

You just hate the Eskimos. :stuck_out_tongue:

if anything the Eskimos should get the award this year as things stand at this point. Barker needes to make some serious changes to the team... and get a first string QB (ex: Bishop) for Lemon and Bell to learn from (Jyles isn't it)...

bishop is a dunce. All physical and no brains. Learn from him is a joke.

I'm surprised Bishop still gets mentioned. :frowning:

You have any better suggestions? barker needs to throw the staff and much of the team
under the bus before next season if they want a shot at greycup toronto next year....

not that I want to see the lions lose him, but if I was barker, I would try to trade for mike reilly. The lions could use some defense help. Hopefully tho, Wally wouldnt go for it.

better suggestion or not, there's not a thing anyone can learn from Michael Bishop, at least not as a passer. cerebral QBs make good mentors, not pure physical talent ones.

Michael Bishop is a 35 year old with a career 50.9% completion rate and a career 5.1% interception rate. They'd be better off bringing back Danny Brannagan.

if the Argos want ANY QB to look good, they might want to get them someone to pass to.. but if Jyles plays like he did in Winnipeg, he'll be a big upgrade for them. It'll be hard, though, as he gets to pass to Brandon Rideau, Spencer Watt, Chad Owens (no, he's not a good receiver), and an old Jermaine Copeland. I'll take Andre Durie any day, though.

It's not his fault that he has a bunch of plugs on his roster and an incompetent QB.
Oh wait...

At this point I would say so.

Sign Adam Tafralis from the defunct UFL and sign Jared Zabransky, release Danny Brannagan and Cleo Lemon.

In perhaps 3 weeks or so QB Jyles may/should be ready to go, but still (?) behind #1 QB Lemon. :expressionless:

So far it's either Reed or LaPolice Both are tied in my mind right now.

... Do assistant coaches count? Cuz maybe then I'd throw Tim Burke in the fold.

Way too early to even list front runners. What happens if Edmonton falls off and goes less than .500 the rest of the way? They could go 4-8 the rest of the season, is that worthy of COTY? But that would still give them a 9-9 record and a playoff spot. Same could happen to Winnipeg.

Now that Calgary has learned how to win at home as well as the road they could rise to the top of the West. They have the tools. Montreal has looked like a team very lucky to still have a plus .500 record. This is not the same team that has cruised through a weak East to 8 Grey Cup appearances and during that time Tressman and Mathews were hailed as geniuses. They start playing the big boys soon, if they step up their game and runaway with the East again (a competitive one this year if you take out the Argos) doesn't Tressman get some mention.

This is a discussion for early October not mid August.

Your right, but we're basing it on early season stats. My mind could change come October. But for now it is what it is. Just discussion bro.

The opening post however is about Argo head coach Barker, good talk none the less.