Coach O

Any thoughts on an availableD/C? Hopefully someone that willattract/retain our top calibre defensive free agents.

With Orlondo named HC, Glanville will probably still be DC, but I would think that HC Coach O will have more of his hands on the “D” philosophy.

IMHO, this Coaching staff just got better, a lot better
and we all know what Obie said about better. :slight_smile:

This is a great move for the Cats. It appears to have great optics but Orlondo is also an unknown as a HC. Why would he be allowed such a long leash? What about if he goes 3-15 for a couple of seasons in a row? Ex-Cats DC Greg Marshall sure wasn’t given the luxery of a 5 year timeline with the Riders.

With the amount of player turnover year to year in the CFL it does not take 4 or 5 years to build a winner. We will know by the end of the 2nd year what we have with Coach O.

Agreed but a lesser name DC will work. Like when Ron Lancaster handed the D to sudsy and didn’t even look at it.
Coach O gives the offense to JJ and focuses on the D. Surprised if Glanville is back.

I agree with you in theory, but he wont be going 3-15 for a couple of seasons. If he does? sure lets discuss it. But Coach Lancaster went 4-14 twice in Sask before going to Edmonton. If you believe hes the guy, surround him with all of the tools to succeed.

Couldn’t agree more. He also wasn’t afraid to run the ball. Something Austin refused to do.

June Jones, Classy unselfish move, not surprising

“After working closely with Orlondo last season, it was obvious to me that he’s ready to take the next step in his career and become a head coach in the CFL,? Jones said in the press release announcing the move.
“He’s earned this opportunity and the time was now. I made a decision that in order to put our best foot forward and bring a Grey Cup championship back to Hamilton, we needed to keep him here and expand his role. Winning is the most important thing and I’m excited about our great opportunity for success in 2019 with Orlondo returning as head coach.?

I forgot something important:

Congratulations, Coach O! The Ticats are very fortunate to have you as our new head coach. The fans will support you in your new role, and wish you great success.

Thank you Coach JJ, you breathed new life into the team when we badly needed it, and motivated them to put team first… just as you are doing now. I’m delighted you will be back next season to help in our quest for the Grey Cup.

I have no reason to doubt that this is the case. That Jones willingly stepped down. But I wonder if he was to be offered a head job elsewhere whether he would jump on the opp?

Also rememebr Austin came out publically and said he endorsed being removed from the HC job and I do not believe that is exactly how that all shook down.

Well said stevehvh. :slight_smile:

Happy to hear they made it official. Glad to have O on as HC. Lets get a run going and forget about the past. Its been hard staying positive with how things have been for a very long time. Now lets get some of those FA’s signed!

Jones is getting up there in years and would probably benefit health-wise from a less stressful and demanding role. Instead of the stress of micro-managing every little thing, all he needs to focus on is his true passion of offence play calling.

Another shot at Austin. June couldn’t solve any of the leagues top defences. June couldn’t devise a game plan when hit with injuries to work with what he had.

June had some success, but lets take him out of the Hall of Fame. Hopefully he can take his learnings to be a great OC and improve next year.

Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Ottawa beg to differ…

Calgary won the cup with the same amount of points vs Ottawa… With more time to dedicate to offence it should be better

To be fair, both teams in the 2018 GC had to adapt their gameplans for slippery field conditions, so it’s an apples and oranges comparison to the East Final.

Well that’s newsworthy for sure. Lots of continuity.

Congratulations to Orlondo! Great move. I wish him well.
Some hope now for next season.

A new era (;)) begins!

And letz not forget his DC buddy who couldn’t find a way to stop the RedBlacks.