Coach O Promoted to President of Football Ops

President of Football Operations..... Interesting.

Ed Hervey added to the staff.

Very similar to the Kent Austin regime. The GMs report to the Head Coach.

That worked well.


Worked well with guys like Huf and Buono. Orlondo is a leader of men, and a brilliant young football mind. He has a plethora of brains to pick in that front office to help get this team to WPGs level and beyond. Austin was a me first hot head. No comparison to be made


Huf and Wally were Head Coach and General manager. No comparison to be made.

Ed Hervey is a great hire.

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So the Ticats went from 2 GM's to 3.

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So I googled Ed Hervey. Interesting.

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Happy to see him back. Solid move by the Ti-Cats

I have no problem with this Operations lineup
NOW, get to work and start signing our key free agents!


Ticats giving out GM titles like they give out single points.


More or less the same difference... gm, president of football ops aka final decision maker.

How to split a GM's salary 3 ways

The promotion of Steinauer is well deserved. The addition of Hervey is an interesting surprise.

Hopefully they announce the return of Condell, Reinbold and Washington soon and start signing our key FAs.


What exactly has he done to deserve this ?

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he smiled a lot and spoke positively.

he's a nice guy.

we'll see if he has a championship bone in his body (I sure hope he does)

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[quote="Hammertown_Proud, post:14, topic:75783"]

he smiled a lot and spoke positively.

he's a nice guy.[/quote]

The last piece of the puzzle.

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Good one!

It's not more or same at all.

Coach O and Kent Austin were Head coaches, which are supposed to report to GMs, who report to VP or President (Which was them).

Wally and Huf simply did both jobs and reported to Team President

It's ass backwards. And likely means he turned down Washington for a big raise and title.

That noise you hear outside is Jeremiah Masoli celebrating in California.

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Might even make him get vaccinated.


Well, in his third year as GM of Edmonton, they won the Grey Cup. So there's that.