Coach O & new Ti-Cat coaches

Coming up on 5 weeks now in the early 2019 CFL season and watching new head coach Orlando Stainuar in his approach with the team, players and media scrums he is definitely the best guy for this team and great job by June Jones to recognize that and step aside.

Coach O is a players coach like June was who has the support of his players but also really understands the game and what it takes to win and be highly competitive in the CFL. You can see that when he is on the sidelines in games or answering questions to the media.

The other new group of coaches brought in D-Coordinator Mark Washington, Tommy Condell, Jeff Reinebold and others have all done a good job in the young season at 3-1 with a lot more wins to come.

Its easy to see the focus and the passion for the game in Coach O and all the Ti-Cat coaches and how this translates into a winning attitude amongst all the players.

Robert Griffen wrote that, Football is football and talent is talent, but the mindset of your
team makes all the difference. Coach O and his new group of coaches are and will make the
difference in this 2019 season and beyond!

Great decision by June Jones and Ti-Cats Management in developing this group of coaches from the start.


So far so good, but I am not ready give them any significant praise yet.

Each of these coaches including Orlondo came from an organization with a losing record in 2018. Were they the silver lining in each of those organizations? I don’t know.

I would like to see how the coaching staff makes in-game adjustments in each facit of the game; especially when the game is on the line.

They certainly have the experience and potential to be great.

Way way too much credit to JJ!
He came, he took his cheque ( ok gave some or most away to charity for a write-off) and he left.
TiCat Management had a hand, not JJ!

Who is KJ?

Spelling. Sausage fingers.
I corrected.

Sorry, I should have caught on.

JJ gave us the same thing KA did when he was hired - HOPE.

NP Gage!
I should do better job at spell-checking.