Coach O First To Be Fired

Lighten up Francais. It's not like he insulted St. Jeremiah or something like that.

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I didn't mean to insult anyone. I have eyes...

What's insult? I misspelled Masoli on my phone and you are going up to the Barricades???

Type Masoli on a phone and see what three words come up and which one autocorrect feature grabs.

Anyway, I think most sane people would agree that if stops being a dual threat QB, he will not be as productive. He's not a pocket passer and never will be.

What is going on with this team right now makes no sense. This is the most talented team in the East and they can't put 10 points on the board.

As for Banks, being the smallest player in the league makes him the most enjoyable to tackle. Great player to change tempo or catch defenses off guard but as the trust of your offense. I don't think it makes sense.

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Banks may be enjoyable to tackle once you catch him - or when they inexplicably use him on short dump-off passes where he is totally exposed with no chance of breaking through - but I doubt opposing DBs relish the thought of covering him.

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This is the rarest single malt on the planet, very few barrels are bottled and it isn't exported out of the Highland.

It ain't used up after 8 years, cause it is SPECIAL...

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Still no different than all of the threads that will pop on message boards talking about a coach that needs to be fired.

I saw Elizondo yelling at him during the game .

The camera man caught it but the TSN announcers didn't say a word after the camera focused on it .

In the absence of real provocative stories 3DN and others have to manufacture them.
But a real one comes along, an asst coach getting canned in week 3 after a blow up on the sidelines and it's crickets ?


Chris Rippon "was not a cultural fit" for the Elks.