Coach O First To Be Fired

Ya. I will take those odds. Really?? Where do I place my bet is he going no where.

Bodog is absolutely out to lunch if they think that Steinauer has the best odds of being fired this season . It's absurdly ludicrous and laughable to even consider .

As a matter of fact the entire list is whacko . I mean they have Khari Jones with the next best odds at being canned . Give me a brake . I'm sorry but Bodog is smoking major league crack with these selections .

I tell you what , you want to make a bet with these odds ? Find as much loose change as you can and plunk it down on Jamie "No swearing allowed" Elizondo at odds of +750 . IF you want to make a secondary choice then plunk the rest of your cash down on Ryan Dinwiddie at +500 .


That would be a huge mistake. Hamilton’s not firing the guy who just took them to the cup.

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I would place $$ on either of the 2 - +750 teams BC & EDM
BC, new owners might want their own HC @ 0/5
EDM, unfamiliar territory @ 0/5
Long shot Calgary at +1200 @ 0/6

First to be fired, really? This is what Bodog wants people to bet on?

How about, first coach to have his wife commit adultery?

First coach to contract cancer?

First coach to be in ICU due to Covid?

They should just let the mob handle gambling. I think they would have more integrity.


Common and normal. No different than the number of threads or comments we would have for it if it wasn’t him.

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The entire discussion in this thread should be about how pathetic 3 Down Nation is for posting such garbage.

This thread should not even exist.


Bodog doesn't understand its a process around here. Scott Mitchell becomes a prime target before a struggling HC.

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It's weird I don't actually see any HCs being fired this season. So bodog is doing what a good book does. Take people's money and hold all the odds.

I don't think the author is at all accurate in his assessment, but being a public figure means you have to put up with people speculating about when/if you're going to be fired. Nothing objectionable about that. It would be different if they were digging into a coach's personal life.

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Obviously I’m not a bettor, don’t recall this being a thing with other leagues but maybe it is. Just seems like a strange and dickish thing to put odds on. Doesn’t really matter if Steinauer was at the top of the list or not.

Sign of the times I suppose - maybe these types of things keep people who dump on the league more interested?

Agreed. I’ve felt that way for awhile. Speculative click bait.

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The season is short and complicated with covid I don't see anyone getting fired . I think coaching wise ; everyone is settled in for the shortened season win or lose till the end of the season .

Should add I Don't think coaches will be fired in the CFL unless they do something immoral or politically incorrect .


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Just let Johnny know if you guys need a "Fire X" thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


What the stripped ones need to do is stop game planning everything around their "little person" and spread the wealth. Don't need a coaching change to figure that out. The opposition has two and three guys watching the little guy on every down. Not Rocket Surgery. Oh and get a running game going, if Mazoli won't mix it up, might as well go with a drop back QB like Evans.

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Seems like this needs a decoder.

  • I assume “stripped ones” means coaches although the clever reference is lost on me.
  • And I assume you used “little person” to insult the reigning CFL MOP.
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Stripped = Striped

I do agree that they need to spread the ball more - without Addison teams just key on Banks. Poor pass protection and no run game means teams rush 3 or 4 and drop linebackers into coverage and clog the short passing lanes. Forces team to go for deeper passes which the Qb’s don’t have time for.

If Laurent can start next game, go back to two Cdn starters on defence ( rotate Mason Bennett in to give Teddy a rest) and five on offence. Try two American tackles ( Tate and one of Yarborough or Murray at the other, assuming Van Zeyl can’t go). Maybe try Woodmansey or Okafor at guard, or swing Ciraco back out to guard and let Gibbon play centre which was his natural position in university ball. I see lots of juggling on that oline until they come up with the right combo.

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People can speculate and place prop bets on anything they want for all I care. I also see nothing offensive or anything that is in bad taste about this particular line.

What people are missing though, is the fact that Bodog is a sponsor of 3downnation. That is why this so-called news article was posted in the first place. This is not a football story. This is an ad for Bodog.

If 3down wants to post ads disguised as legitimate football stories, that is their business as they own the site.

What does annoy me is that Justin Dunk advertises Bodog at press conferences. For instance, he will ask a coach something like this: How to you feel about Bodog's line which has your team winning just 5 (or whatever) games this season?

Somebody in the press should tell Justin Dunk that if he wants to be a credible journalist, he should stop publicly whoring himself to the highest bidder. Otherwise if left unchecked, Dunk will start inquiring about under the waist grooming habits of CFL players.


Well, your thoughts were good, for maybe an hour, or two …

Jasmine, I realize you may have been thinking only of head coahces.