Coach Miller has some explaining to do.

Keeping Bishop in to start the second half was a joke. I imagine BC fans didnt mind one bit.

It was obvious from my vantage point that Bishop did not "have" it today.

What was Miller thinking??

The province of Saskatchewan deserved better.

Its easy to blame Miller but guess what, he see the 3 qb's day and day out in practice. The reality is that Bishop IS the best you have right now. Thats not saying much but Miller knew this. Jyles or Durant would not have faired any better. Miller was hoping, no praying that Bishop was going to have that one in a million great game that he WAS capable of. Their "D" been great.

The Riders need a new Starter, plain and simple.

Maybe he is the best they have... but I think he left Bishop in too long. That INT TD ended any chance the Riders had...

If Mike Bishop is the best the riders have, then they're in big trouble for next year.

Yes our D played great. They held BC to 7 points on the first 4 turn-overs. Yes BC did score some points later on, but eventually even a good or even great defence will get tired and be scored on if their offence cannot stay on the field for any length of time. Bishop had better be gone and SOON. I think that we would have had a better chance if Durant had been in for the second half. Yes the Riders should never have traded Joseph (a pet peeve of mine) but there is nothing that can be done about that now. Coulda, woulda, shoulda does not change anything. The Riders had better get a QB established for next year. It may be one of the ones we now have but need some developing or someone else, although I can’t see anyone willing to give up their starter (think we could kidnap RAY?).

Unload Bishop (shouldn't have been in town anyway, imo), free up the cap space to re-sign Durant, and give him a chance to compete for the starting job...I'd rather have a .500 or less season under Durant next year than a 12-6 season with the quarterback carousel they've had this year...not like I have a choice in the matter...I'm just sayin'...

I think that Jyles has even better potential then Durant. Good coaching, and giving him some time in with the number one guys will take away his tunnell vision. Send Bishop packing. They probably wont tho because that is Miller's boy.

How is Bishop Miller's boy? If he was he would have been named the started instead of the carosel that they had a few games before the playoffs. What Sask needs if they can keep this d intact and with the talent they have at reciver and running back is someone to manage the games. Bishop didn't fit that at all and I wondered why they brought him in. You shouldn't need your QB to make the big plays to win you games with your D and running back. You need a QB who's going to make good plays and not turn the ball over.

It would not have mattered who Barney Miller played. The Lions D was out for redemption and most of the errors from Bishop were forced errors. You'll see next week when they do the same to Burris.

If you look at the Riders only victory over the Lions this year, it was Durant who was the QB, and he played mistake free football. He didn't put up big flashy numbers but he didn't throw any interceptions or fumble the ball away. With the game done it's only speculation now but I think all season long he's shown us he takes care of the football the best of the 3, and we might have kept it close with him in there today. Who knows.

Fair enough. But our defense had not been blown up yet and ridiculed in the media. That same emotion that the Riders used to carry them through their injuries the Lions are using right now. They have been laughed at, criticized, mocked, and their pride is on the line. They were so jacked yesterday it wouldn't have mattered who played they would have stopped them all night long. Besides, in all honesty, do really think Miller is stupid and doesn't have a clue as to which player gives them the best chance. He only spends all day every day with these guys watching every move in practice, every comment, every team reaction to whats going on. Don't fault Miller or Bishop when you weren't in the dressing room all season.

I know SwervinMervin doesn't usually show any empathy but SwervinMervin actually felt sorry for Bishop afterwards. He must feel terrible. He would have been better off to let someone else start and take the fall. You should be proud of him for stepping up and taking on the hardest defense you played all year.

I have no doubt that Bishop wanted to win and tried to win. He just doesn't make the right decisions. The Lions D did play well but some of those turnovers were too easy. I think the biggest factor was how well the Lions were able to stop the run game. If Cates was going it could have been a different game. Durant might not have turned the ball over but I don't think we would have won with him in either.

This is correct. Our primary shut down Cates, forcing Bishop to go for high risk, low percentage passes. No easy hand offs to chew the clock, no dumps or swings to discourage the blitz. Yeah Bishop should not have thrown a lot of those passes that turned into INTs, but with Cates getting nothing, what other choice did he have really?

Good QB's don't try to force plays, which Bishop has done all season long.

He had no choice. Sooner or later he’s gonna get sacked or he can hand it off to cates and keep going 2 and out. What is most interesting to me is Miller thought he needed a big play quater back and not someone to manage the game from the get go. To me that shows a lack of confidence in the rest of the team.

I think it shows lack of confidence in Durant. I really don't think we would be in a different position right now had Durant gone in earlier but I am surprised that through all of these games with all of the turnovers and bad decisions that Durant didn't get the chance to develop. To me it shows Miller and Tillman do not want him to be the Rider QB of the future and he will be gone next season.

Mabye, but that wasn't his public reasoning. I'm not saying it would have made a differnce in the outcome of the game, but I think it was a slap in the face to the defense to say we need a big play QB. I'll say it all off season the Riders need someone to mangage the game to be the start next year and at number 2 a big play QB to come off the bench like the Lions have. These two teams are built very similar but Riders D has been more conistant.

Definitely a QB who can manage the game. Who's that going to be, is anyone's guess. I'm not too sure who's out there that fits that description.

Thats the downside for the riders. I don't know enough about Durrant to say he could do that and most of the QBs that have been around and are going to be avalible are not someone the riders should be picking up unless its at a back up position. Printers, KJ, Bishop, Glenn, are not someone you want leading your team. Maybe you'll get lucky and find someone at one of the open camps like we found Bucky. Just hope they don't do a knee jerk reaction and make a mistake of signing someone to be their new number one when it doesn't make sense or fit the team.

Durant wants nothing to do with you guys. Why do you think your team went with Bishop? Cause they know very well Durant will be playing in elsewhere next season. Probably Toronto.