Coach McPhee

Big kudos go out to Coach McPhee.

Early in this season, everybody on this Board berated the team's lack of pass rush. Now, they seem to be the best in the league, with Norwood leading the way. Yes, they added Hickman, but most of it can be attributed to Deke coaching them up!

A Hamilton boy teaching Hamilton defense. And, this is no accident. McPhee coached the lead leaders in sacks in 1999, 2000 and 2004 according to his bio.

Norwood has gone from a player to a star player during the season. I remember the same thing happening with Joe Montford.

Good job, Deke.

:thup: :rockin: nice having two great bookends again!!! And yes he is the professor of pressure :twisted:

When I heard that Coach McPhee was returning to Hamilton to manage the D line, I was excited, remembering his previous handiwork.

On the radio last night, Coach Sal commented on what a fine job Dennis McPhee has done along with Orlondo Steinauer.

Now, to get this team's offense better in the opponent's red zone and end zone.

A great coach and leader but an even better person.

:thup: :thup: My thoughts as well.

Coach Sal does a great job on the broadcasts. When the cats played at Mac, I would mute the tv and listen to him on the radio :smiley:

Hats off to Coach McPhee, Rienbold, Steinauer and so on for the great work they have done with changing our defensive line, LB's and so on with a great rush, pass attack and QB sacks, great job.


Great coaching seems to be a genetic thing with the McPhee Family. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Coach McPhee has been an unsung hero of the renaissance of the Tiger-Cat defence since Kent Austin became head coach. DC Steinauer and Deke have done the Sudsy coaching tree proud in assembling a formidable unit. Kudos to Deke!

Oski Wee Wee,


Dennis McPhee has been doing a great job this season. Our line play appears to improve a little every game.
Continued good luck, Denis.

Coach McPhee / Orlando and other coaches all at the Armouries today laying a ball signed by all coaching staff on the memorial. Classy guys.

:( :thup:

I am so proud of this team and of those who represent it.

Ironic.... Defense visits Department of Defense.

Beautiful gesture, but not at all surprised by Deke and Orlando leading the way....ALL Class.