Coach Marshall's Sideline Blowups...

I swear we're going to see the coach's head explode this season if the undisciplined penalties continue...


What I'm having trouble figuring out is why he blew up at Yeast on that touchdown that was called back. Yeast scored the TD...he wasn't the one offside?

I guess he blew up on the first player he could see…

He blew up because yeast abandoned the team to be a hero to the fans.

I believe he was celebrating his non-existant TD instead of getting back in the huddle.

Anyone surprised?

Oh man....I've been trying to remain supportive on Yeast but with antics like's getting more and more difficult.

Nothing I hate more is showboating. That's one of the reasons I hate the Argos and the Bombers receivers sooooo much.

I love Marshall's blow ups. It just shows the he is passionate about the game. And he has had some big blow ups that were justified. It's a nice change of pace from Lancasters patented "taking the cap off and rubbing his hand over his hair" move! :wink:

But who got more respect from the refs - Lancaster or the High School Coach?

I’m not a fan of blow ups either…

I don’t think it works as a team motivator,if thats the intention…

I thought he was mad at Brock Ralph for going offside.

Hey guys with 90 yds of penalties in the first half no wonder he is mad :twisted:
This was a huge issue last season and this problem is still with us it has to be corrected we could have won no problem.

Ya true alot of penalties ,but he flipped out on Yeast ,when Craig was celebrating a TD ,was it 'all " his fault that no one told him it was called back .

Partly ,but the guy was thrilled to score a TD finally!!!

Did the refs stick it to us again ,and that caused coachs' melt down ....

Marshall had reason to flip out, the lack of discipline, the penalties, the horrible refs. I'm glad to see him flip out, he should there are a lot of refs that have it out for the Cats, and also his players not performing. Marshall should get more respect, he's a good coach.

You need to earn respect. Having undisciplined players and fliping out on the ref. will not get it done :thdn:

Funny pic Yossarian!!!! :lol: Right on!!!

Coach Marshall's sideline "blow ups", go hand in hand with the overall lack of team discipline. (too many penalties).

Coach Marshall is responsible for both.

There needs to be improvement in both these areas - quickly.

The 6 and 31 Marshall Has had a difficult time instilling discipline at the pro level.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Marshall is responsible for everything. If he can’t control himself how can he control his players. I have been sticking up for this guy ever since he got the job but after what I saw at the exhibition game and on national television I am starting to have second thoughts. Clean up your act Coach!

on occasino, leaders have to show emotion, even anger, to motivate or captivate...but the leader who consistently flips out has few followers

I don't recall Joe Paopao ever having pathological discipline/penalty problems with his players when he was a head coach.

Just saying s'all.