Coach Marshall's biggest downfall

Greg Marshall is a very knowledgable coach. He was the top player in the country while at Western. Drafted by the Eskimos, his career was cut short by an injury. After coaching at Western, he came to Mac and turned a pitiful football program into a powerhouse. A lot of the players Greg recruited are now player in the cfl.
While living and breathing football, a man who wore his heart and passion on his sleeve, coach Marshall had a difficult time with the transition to the pros. This was probably due to the fact that he became too close to players and thus it becomes difficult to discipline, bench or release someone when required. In the pros it's all about running a business. When you don't win changes will be made.
A great human being, and highly knowledgable coach was let down by some whom he supported so much.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

A team is not better when they lose a good football man. The hotseat for 60+ people not producing. He will land on his feet. I would not be surprised to see him 40 clicks to the east in the future.

I agree, Greg will be coaching again in the cfl. Maybe as an assistant for a while. He'd make a good OC.
What coach Marshall learned from this he'll be able to use in the future. The players jobs are always on the line just like the coaches. With Greg, I think he let some players get away with too much because he believed in them. The successful coaches never get too close the never know when you might have to discipline them. If you don't perform up to par for a Matthews or Buono you're sitting or sent packing. This is what coach Marshall's downfall was. :cowboy:

"If you don't perform up to par for a Matthews or Buono you're sitting or sent packing. This is what coach Marshall's downfall was. "

I have to disagree, The cats ahve gone through so many players since Marshall has started. Think back. Look at how many guys remain from the start of 2004.

Marshalls downfall was that he did not surround himself with a strong CFL experienced staff. The OC for 2004, and 2005
had no pro CFL experience.

That was a huge mistake. Then he released most of the "older" vets and all was left was a young team and coaching staff.

I agree he should have surrounded himself with assistants that had plenty of cfl experience but with Pao Pao coming in, he brought a ton of experience with him.
The problem is that the discipline is handled by the head coach. We were undisciplined and it was spreading. This should have been nipped in the bud, right from the get go. When you're in charge you have to be fair but firm. My point is that a coach like a Buono or Matthews would have done that, no matter who the player was.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

I think those who think Marshall will be back in the CFL any time soon are dreaming in technicolor. Sure he was a decent guy. Yes he was good with the media. Yes he was fan friendly. Yes he was committed to the community. Yes he tried hard. But he lost an awful lot and that's the only thing that matters in the pros.

His best bet would seem to be back to the CIS. But who knows? Maybe he has 9 lives like Paopao.

An Argo fan

His biggest downfall was not surrounding himself with quality, experienced people. The same situation will produce the same result in any profession or industry. He'll rebound and have a great CFL career, just not here.

I think that Coach Marshall has learned a very valuable lesson in communication. No matter what, success begins and ends with each individual or player. The players in this case simply did not buy into the system. and unfortunately a good coach has lost his job...