Coach Marcel

I think Hamilton have found a HC. Did you see him on the sideline when Porter fumble the ball. He went to his QB and shook his hand. Marcel deserve the backing of all Hamilton fans. He just gave Hamilton our sixth win. If you ask us what we wanted this year is to play every game, more wins than last year, bring pride back to the fans and a home playoff game. Well I think Marcel is doing all that and more. If the team keep playing with the no give up attitude we will host a playoff game. So to Marcel and all his coaches great job. To the players you have our support and thank you OB for your vision. Finally you can see that Marcel inspires his players. Maybe Coach of the year.

He's Coach of the Year as of now. No question!

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Until you make a mistake, then ALL bets are off and we burn you at then stake!!

Well wait, HTD, get your sarcasm emoticon ready next time. LOL

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I figure why bother. .they don’t have them here… and it’s more fun having someone wonder if I’m serious or not!!!

It's great the way things worked out for Marcel. After the Charlie Taafe debacle we we wondering which big name they would be bringing in to replace him.
But all the time the canny Obie knew who he wanted. I think there was a great deal of scepticism on this forum when Obie announced Marcel would be the new HC. Not surprising given the poor performance of the offence under Taafe.
But Obie smells talent and was not afraid to give Marcel a chance.
Way to go Obie and a huge thumbs up to Marcel for being determined, changing the attitude on this team, getting some wins and showing a lot a class as our Head Coach.
It's great to be a proud Tiger-Cat fan again.
Thanks Marcel. :rockin:

Very well said, I agree completely. I'm with Russ though... I think Marcel IS coach of the year at this point.

8) And to many fans wanted to run Marcel out of town also, when he was our OC. !! :roll:
8) Just hope that Sports Illustrated doesn't put him on their front cover !!!! :wink:
I think there was a great deal of scepticism on this forum when Obie announced Marcel would be the new HC.
I STAND counted as one of those skeptics ... although I very much DOUBTED the abilities of an UNTESTED, Canadian HC to LEAD a young, developing team - Marcel has PROVEN he is up to the task. Following through with his CONVICTIONS (or CRUSHES) and maintaining a CALM, PROFESSIONAL demeanor throughout the ups and downs - Marcel has EARNED my RESPECT.

Keep it up MB.


I disliked Marcel's hiring as HC because he's been crap as a coordinator in this league wherever he's been (Saskatchewan, Montreal, Hamilton). However, he seems to have found his vocation as a head coach who looks at the big picture and motivates the troops. While I'd still never trust him to run an offense properly, his calm yet positive attitude on the sidelines is a refreshing change from Taaffe's bloated zombie impersonation and Marshall's high-school antics. I have to admit that I was wrong about Bellefeuille in this instance. He's doing a great job with the Cats.


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