Coach Marcel

I watch our new head coach go over to Porter after the miss field goal kick. If you seen what I seen you know he is a true coach by taking the pressure of the young QB. This QB has the making of a star.We wouldn't have know if it wasn't for our coach. Even though the pressure that our coach must be going through he is turning this team around.

Hey One thing I like about this coach is that is that you cant find him there at all ,hes like invisable! They team starts playing like a team and forgets about a big head coach watching them through the game! I heard him talk on the radio and tv after the game and he knows what he is doing!

As lousy an offense coordinator Marcel is. At least they have a head coach who wants to be in Hamilton. Who is looking at building himself a reputation instead of worrying about losing his and still believes in salvaging the season (before the 2 loss). Overall as much as I dislike him as an OC and his constant jumping the chain of command.

He is an improvement over Taffe.

It looks like Taaffe was probably holding the team back and Marcel has found the recipe for success. All we need is get rid of Printers and upgrade the O and D line.

My opinion is the lack of experince and skill at receiver position was the biggest problem this year. You can work in rodriguez an Mitchell, develope Bauman if you like but you need an experienced go to and a deep treat. Miles and Woodcock aren't going to cut it.

Simon and Watkins if they elect for FA would be my top two targets. Give Simon 200k and Watkins 175k and watch what happens.

But haven't we been close all season??????? take out the 2 short week games and we have been close all season!

Give Marcel the credit for having the guts to make the QB changes that were needed. Him and Danny have surprised me.

I'm impressed with what I see on the sidelines with MB. he seems to have a good relationship with the players. I certainly think he is a better HC than OC. But, he has yet to pull off a win so time will have to tell if he can turn this sinking shop around.

Depends if the benchmark is Buono or Taffe…
If Keiths signs with Hamilton, Hedging the Marcel will already be paying off even at 0-2

I find this post funny.... Taaffe was holding the team back, Marcel has found the recipe for success (He hasnt won a game yet)... Oh and by the way, we have to replace the QB (Hamilton way) and change about 8 other players.

Don't have to replace the QB just have to give Mr. Porter a chance. after we do that, you might be right.

8) I find it so ironic that when Marcel was our OC, a large number of members on here wanted him ran out of town, along with Charlie and Denny !!
What are you talking about regarding his constant jumping the chain of command  ???

You claim that he is an improvement over Charlie  ??  Well, if he can win 3 games as HC, then I will agree with you  !!

If we go winless for the rest of this season (which I think we will), Marcel will be thrown under the bus at the end of the year also  !!!         <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

-I have zero admiration for Bellefeuille.
-Taffe had given up
-They might go winless
-They won't throw him under a bus cause they have zero hope of finding someone else to take the job.
-If Keith's signs it will be at least because he dosen't have a negative view of Bellefeuille
-If they finish with same record as last year. Mitchell should step down.

If Keith's signs it will be at least because he dosen't have a negative view of Bellefeuille
8) ...and more importantly to KK, because it will be the best contract money wise, right here in Hamilton, compared to any other CFL team offer !!!

I like to mention that our offence is scoring more and rushing more this year. I do not think he was a bad OC. He as the OC is giving our team a chance to win but due to other reasons we are still losing. Who to say that he is not calling the game still but maybe he has more options now as the HC. Great Job Coach

Well he's got the nice colored play template in his hands and his mic and headset. He' still calling the plays IMO.

It is kind of odd. This is the honeymoon period that every new coach goes through. Any positive play by the team will be hailed as a great success by the new coach who is supposedly turning things around. The last two games have been close but I don't think tht Bellefeuille is the reason. This is how they've played all season long, been close in a lot of games. I think the team is close to turning the corner but they need a bit more help at key positions. Although, I don't see a drastic if any improvement under the new HC, not that I expected one.

The real person to blame here is The Caretaker for hiring people work for his company in the states to run a football team and then put on a face like he doesnt know why we are losing!

I agree with Denis that Marcel is doing a good job as head coach, and that he was doing pretty well as OC before that. Our offense is markedly better than last year’s, and it seems to me that many of the close games we have lost have been as a result of defensive errors. If fans expect him to come in mid-season as head coach, take over a team that is last in the league, and immediately start winning games in bunches, it’s quite unrealistic. If that’s the bar to be set for him before people will give him credit or even a chance, they are being unfair and naive. I hope Marcel continues as head coach next season, I think he has the knowledge, confidence and leadership skills to do it well.

And according to the report on CH tonight, it wasn't Porters fault or Settas. The center snapped the ball when no one was ready!! The rest of the offensive line wasn't even set.