Coach LaPo Fired

Lapolice was with the Tiger cats some years ago, mind you, in a lesser capacity..according to Wikipedia...

"In 2004 he joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as the team's receivers coach and stayed with the team for two years until rejoining the Toronto Argonauts, again, as the receivers coach."

If the Bummer fans would have had our team they would have cleaned house long ago, and put the run on Obie and Mitch.

He's from New Hampshire. Could be a great fit.

I agree with earlier assessments in the media about how Winnipeg GM Joe Mack should also take the fall if LaPolice were ever to be fired. Of course, Mack isn't going to fire himself, and he likely won't admit to being part of the problem, so he forces LaPolice to take the fall for him alone. This way, Mack gets to keep his cushy GM job and hide behind the doors of the Blue Bombers' Board of Governors boardroom. Pitiful! :thdn:
In response to LaPolice trying for the Ottawa position, I've always thought that Greg Marshall (version 2.0) would be a great candidate for that team when it becomes ready. I can also see Marcel Bellefeuille applying for that job as well. I think Ottawa will have a whole pot full of prospects when the time comes. It will indeed be interesting. 8)


According to some tweets, Mack does have his critics...

"Spring 08, Berry gets extension. Fired in Nov; Dec. 08 Kelly hired. Fired Dec. 09; Spring '12, Lapo ext'n. Fired in Aug. Bravo."
-- Sportsnet reporter -- and former Bombers PR guy -- Arash Madani

"Bombers lose by 3 to best team in CFL and fire their head coach. Brilliant! Joe Mack better watch his back. What a moron."
-- Montreal Gazette beat writer Herb Zurkowsky, the dean of Canadian football print media

This is great news for the Cats IMHO, I think you'll see the Bombers only win 1 or 2 at most games for the rest of the season. Dumb move.

Can LaPolice watch the game and maybe throw the odd challenge flag...yes??'re hired !!

Good point come to think of it.

With a wife and two small kids, he'll probably relax a bit until he catches his breath.


LMAO! Well played.

Wasn't it his wife that beaked off to Stala last year via Twitter? Pretty certain she is keeping to herself these days.

"Wasn't it his wife that beaked off to Stala last year via Twitter? Pretty certain she is keeping to herself these days."

Not quite, Diesel....

"So many things I want to say! To all the true fans -- thank you for the great love and support. Was great to be home. Sad day but will move on..."
-- Tina LaPolice