Coach LaPo Fired

Jock just announced it live during the Rider/Stamp pre-game. Interesting move to say the least.

No don't even think about it - .............................stick with Cortex

Fire Cortez, hire Lapo? :lol:

8) DC Tim Burke takes over as the Bombers new head Coach !!!
  Hmmm, wasn't Burke one of the final 2 candidates to become the Cats new HC this year !!

   Very interesting to say the least.


The team starts the season on a long road trip, loses their starting QB to injury, and loses a bunch of games. What a surprise. Then, after losing a squeaker of a game on the last play to the strongest team in the league, the team decides to fire their coach?

Not to mention just 10 months ago LaPo had the Bummers in the Grey Cup. This move really doesn't make to much sense to me. As soon as you fire your coach, you are pretty much forfeiting your season.

From what they said on TSN, the team wanted to fire LaPolice last year, but he took them to the Grey Cup. From what I read on Twitter from Chris Cuthbert, they were going to fire him last week, but they beat the Cats. This looks like the GM trying to save his job.

LaPolice was not the problem in Winnipeg. Having your 1st string QB always on the sidelines with persistent injuries and losing key players via retirement/free agency is the obvious problem. Not to mention that the GM didn't do much to bolster their lineup. Even certain players voiced their dissatisfaction during the off-season with twitter. The GM didn't give him much to work with.

LaPolice will bounce back.

Lapo's phone is probably ringing off the wall as we speak.

He won't be un-employed for long.

Dumb move by the Bombers.

WOW! This is a very surprising move. Could we use him as an Offensive coordinator working under Cortez. Could be good succession planning, Cortez is no spring chicken.

Surprising move, their GM must be worse than OB!

8) To make it even more laughable, Joe Mack signed LaPolice to a contract extension this year :roll:
   Mack should have been fired along with LaPolice.  He just made LaPolice the scapegoat, to save his own job !!

Bingo. My bet is the Bombers get an initial bump from this (they'll take one from the Riders, probably on Labour Day weekend) and then go back to being a bad team. Mack will then get fired at the end of the year.

Interesting to see how much of an impact Burke will have on the team. If the Bombers display a miraculous turnaround then we'll know what we could of had here in the Hammer.

Gary Lawless, a writer for the Winnipeg Free Press posted on August 14th that if Lapolice is fired so should Mack. Interesting foreshadowing considering current events.

The link;

[url=] ... 82686.html[/url]

Lapo will be in no rush to look for a job. He will be paid in full for the next two years, until the end of 2014.

Word is Blogskee, I think from Dave Naylor, that now that Lapolice is gone, Mack is next on the hot seat.

And if a new GM is brought in for next season in Winnipeg, he will likely want his own coach and Burke could be available. A possible for the Cats next DC???

Mind you if he was a finalist for the Hamilton job that was given to Cortez, he may not come for that reason.

I guess it's just wishing on a star...

An article that's more interesting to read today than it was when written five months ago:

[url=] ... th-bombers[/url]

I would think that Lapo could start looking for a house in the Ottawa area.

I found it quite surprising when Lapo was hired as HC in the Peg, thinking he would never cut it there.

He surprised me even more when he carried his team to a Grey Cup and demonstrated to me and others

that my original assumption was dead wrong. This guy can coach and the Winnipeg brass is wacko for

showing him the door.

I'd be very happy to see him catch on in Hamilton.