Coach Lancaster's first it is

Rick Zamperin's interview with Coach Lancaster can be heard here....

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.....very wise words to everyone in this piece! :thup:

Interviews with Rob Katz, Bob Young, Coach Marshall, Coach Paopao and Jason Maas can also be heard in the "In Depth Interviews" section...

Mikey, do you still think firing anyone was unecessary?

You can tell that Greg Marshall was an absolute wreck in his interview... another sign that his emotions were a big part of how he coached. It was difficult to listen to.

I certainly hope he bounces back and catches on somewhere, i have the feeling he will.

Having said that, this was the right move the organization had to make.

Hope everyone listens to these interviews.....I just got through them all and it sure makes you think why we're fans and they are the's a strange world they live in with a different set of rules than we live by....don't know if I could make the cut at any level even if I had talent.

Good job by Rick Zamperin in handling these difficult interviews.

:thup: my first post I mentioned Rob Katz as being interviewed....his isn't in there.....

Thanks Mikey...

A Good Listen...Perhaps Lancaster will "Retire" with another Grey Cup! :thup:

As for Coach Marshall...I like the guy too and he has passion for the game! :thup: :thup:

He took the "High Road"...he knew it was coming and so did most people. A person with that much integrity will do well...I don't think we have heard the last of him!

Crash wrote:

Having said that, this was the right move the organization had to make.
I agree Crash and I also have a lot of respect for our Caretaker in making this decision, it had to be one of the toughest decisions he had to make but it was the correct one. I really admire Greg Marshall but he isn't there yet to be a head coach at the pro level, not yet, one day maybe, but not yet. Kudos for Bob Young, he believed in him but even Bob makes some slight misjudgements as he has admitted and admitting this took a lot of guts.

I thought Ricky Williams took that? :twisted:

A very emotional set of interviews, if I do say so myself. I think it was done at the right time, but I hate to see a person like Greg Marshall lose his job. I hope he sees this as an opportunity to capitalize on his strengths, and work on his weaknesses, rather than looking at it as a failure.

If anybody can turn this team around he can ! after listening to this interview I feel better that the Ticats made the proper move at the right time it had to be done and I hope that Greg ends up with another CFL team he is a class act and a very good coach but they had to do it now to turn this club into a winner and get that first BIG W on Friday!

Everybody listen to this interview it really MADE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED.


Very revealing interviews. Lessons in life for all of us.

  • Bob Young's incisive mind and frank admissions are very impressive.
  • Ron Lancaster as usual just lays it all out so simply and effectively. No BS. No wonder he gets so much respect.
  • Joe Paopao and Jason Maas show us all how to deal with adversity.

Thanks for the heads up on the interviews....I now have a feeling this team is in good hands after all.

Great Interviews

Very Impressed with the Ronnie Bob and Joe.