Coach Lancaster...Congrats

Looks like you get your own thread when you merely perform the job you're paid to do so Coach here's to you......

Well then, if that's the case then I say: Carl Gourgues....Congrats! Way to fill in there at the guard position when Hudson went down. Isn't Lancaster supposed to be the "Master of Disaster"?

True. Bet all the Gourgues bashers are feeling silly now.

ya, he's really making them eat crow now!

take that you haters!

I always knew he could do it. :cowboy:

Now we can replace the former Ronnie bashing mantra of "in his last year of coaching he won one game"

To this..."in his last year of coaching he won______ games (outta 14)."

Keep it up coach.

You know the standard procedure, hendy. When they lose it's Lancaster's fault.
When they win it has nothing to do with him it was all the players.