Coach Lancaster C oach of the year?

When the cats roll of the next few games into wins and make the playoffs will Ron win coach of the year?

My heart says yes, but my mind says no. If Montreal doesn't COMPLETELY choke, my early bet is on Coach Matthews.

(it hurt to say that, I'm still feeling queesy...)

and then there is Wally.

I have to tape this game for eternity, to just see coach Lancaster on the sidelines at Taylor Field where he played his hall of fame career for so many years will send tingles up and down my spine for sure. And this will be, or very well could be, the last time he does this.

If your aunt had testicles, would she be your uncle?

If the Cats make the playoffs after their last two smelly, rank performances at Ivor Wynne, Lancaster will definitely win coach of the year. But if they lose even once in the next four games, they are officially toast.

Well, I guess they're officially toast!

I really doubt that finishing 3rd qualifies you as Coach of the year!

Didn't Greg win it with a third place team.

but he shouldnt have.

if Winnpeg keeps Going the head man should get it

Last I checked we only had 2 wins

The wheels have fell off their bus, it is so bad they are talking about bringing Teddy bear White to save the day. By the time Steagal and Glenn are back they'll be a complete mess.

dont bet on it.

face it...NO cat member will win anything this season...

Maybe a coin-toss if we're lucky.

How about the right to the first overall pick in the Canadian College draft?

Or did we trade that somewhere along the line?

lol we win by losing...not my idea of winning anything this year lol