Coach Kent Austin

What ever happens this Sunday Coach's Austin should be PROUD of himself for taking the team this far and hopefully to the Cup in Sask next week. He has done a outstanding job in handling the media, better then any other coach I've seen. Thanks Coach, to you and your staff and Coach's for EVERYTHING you did, including taking time for the fans, and actually calling them by name, this shows that you truly care as a Coach and Fan of the Hamilton Ti-Cats. a BIG OSKEE WEE WEE to you Sir! :rockin:
Now go kick some Argo A$$!

the cats have played pretty consistantly down the stretch winning 5 of their last 6 games. that’s a huge improvement over their usual win-one-lose-one habit.

regardless of what happens this sunday, i feel with Kent Austin staying on next year and the consistancy he brings with his knowledge of the roster ( which seemed to take half the season for him to get familiar with ), the ticats are in a very good position to win the East next year with a 12 win season.

this is assuming FAs don’t bolt and the expansion draft doesn’t gut the core of the cat’s roster.

we saw the same with the argos this year; went 9-9 in first season under milanovich. this year, players returned to the same playbook and coaches returned to a similar roster, and the argos improved to 11-7 ( and probably would have had more had Ray been healthy all year ).


:thup: I couldn't agree more but Austin being Austin will no doubt deflect the praise to the players for the way that they have improved, prepared and played - as if ANY of that would have happened without his leadership of the team and coaching staff! :rockin: :D

here here!!

Kent Austin has done an outstanding job!
2 more wins!!!!
He just suits those colours

When you play for each other good things will happen. Cats played for 60 minutes and have learned to close games out.

Can anyone remember the last time we had a coaching staff who could adjust as well as this current staff has? Today proved that they have also come a long way.
There's something terribly wrong if Austin isn't coach of the year, win or lose in the GC.

There is NO way Austin does not win COTY

He took this team from the outhouse, to the penthouse!!!!

1 more win and the transformation is complete!!!

Half time adjustments are over-rated-George Cortez

That's really where it's at, lenny. In the first half, Toronto was picking Hamilton's defence apart. in the second half, they scored NO points at all. Great job by Steinauer making adjustments.

congrats coach your definitely the big hero this year!!

Kent Austin is now 5 and 0 in CFL Playoffs!!!!!!!!!!
Outstanding record, Outstanding football mind, Outstanding Coach.
Lets go for 6 and 0!

Agree 100% Austin should be a lock for COTY. :thup: :thup: :thup: Most people have NO idea how much this team has overcome this season to get this far! :rockin:

AMEN to that!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

No matter what happens next week Kent Austin is the Coach of The Year. Incredible what he was able to do this year to bring in the staff and put this team together with all the issues at the beginning of the season, bravo Mr. Austin bravo.

Austin contribution to this team cannot be overstated.

I think a big difference between this team and past teams is that we are finding ways to win and coming from behind. That all coaching.

Congrats Austin

I love that man lol. I took a wait and see approach on the coaching staff at the beginning of the season because I was tired of hearing how amazing coaches were and then having them flop (Taafe, Cortez), but I must admit I am so happy with our coaching staff (even Steinauer lol). I want to thank them for the amazing job they have done this year. Not many people would put us in the GC with all the rookies we had this year. They did an outstanding job and I'm thrilled to have them here.

Well said , 13th Man.
Austin has built a great team under extremely difficult circumstances.
He inherited a last place team with one of the worst defences to ever play for Hamilton.
He inherited a losing culture and a lot of young players.
He has instilled a new confidence and a winning attitude.
His teams are incredibly well prepared. He must work very hard every week.
The Cats are heading into the sea of green where they will be underdogs . Again!
I wouldn't want any other coach to lead them. He gives us our best chance to win.
Congratulations to all the Tiger Cats and especially Coach Austin.

Kent brought this team through so much adversity this season that yesterday's win was nothing short of miraculous.
To think, our boys had to play all of their games on foreign soil this year (although Guelph was more than up to the
challenge). and given the team's won/lost record over the past 13 seasons, injuries,etc.; this 2013 team rose to the
occasion thanks to Ken's excellent leadership. Finally, we have a head coach in Hamilton who is full value for the money.

Orlondo Steinaur and the other assistant coaches are also to be congratulated. From this point onward, lets think of
positive progress in the future starting in Regina next Sunday.

Oskie wee wee!!!