Coach Himebauch already leaving the Argos !

Milanovich is spinning this but it looks terrible on him and the league.

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I have a feeling the Board of Director will be looking at this this year.

college football in the US is more lucrative than the cfl. not milanovich's fault. if canadians supported their teams more...

How do you appoint an offensive co-ordinator, make a big splash in announcing it, and at the same time allow him a window of opportunity to take another job? Not too bright, and kind of takes away from the new image Barker, Milanovich and Co. are trying to create.

Perhps they will turn to Jason Maas to run the offence now.

This is just spin. These "windows" are meant for a coach to look for work AFTER the season. Not two weeks after they've signed a new contract for the coming season. These types of things are a real turnoff for fans and proves the arguments of Toronto media that the CFL is 2nd. rate.

This absolutely has to be fixed by the league. I'm 100% with Hfx on this, it makes us look bush league and low-rent. Once you sign a CFL contract for the upcoming season, your window of opportunity to look for other employment should close immediately.

There use to be a time when you would see these windows used for meaningful promotions. Now between the games the Argos played with Chris ones hiring and this latest with Himebauch. The Argos lead has set a precedent and expectations that coach contracts in the CFL ARE MEANINGLESS. Hell the CFL does not even bother to structure movement within its own league.

Let's look at this latest joke.... League gifts the Argos half a million dollars and a week later has to impose a farcical fine of 5000.00 for assisting an assistant head coach to breach his contract. They make a big press conference in the middle of hockey season inviting the Toronto sports media trying to "show" their new staff all decked out in Argo gear, players standing behind them presenting their new staff. A couple weeks later one of them defects and Milanovich puts out a ten line press release claiming Himebauch "will not join" the Argos. Does he think people are completely stupid ??? The Toronto media will have a field day with this with good reason.

Didn't take too long for Milanovich to make his first mistake... His responsability is not to act as an employment agency for his buddy but to the Argonauts ownership, franchise and fans. Now does he go disrupting other teams off season again ? All teams were down for East-West bowl, conducting camps and planning their FA and draft. You can't grow your league by moving dimes and nickles from one pocket to another.

League needs to structure this crap. I'm all for people growing their careers but it has to be done with a minimum of honesty and respect.

Well, my spin on this is a ther familiar one for those of you who are familiar with my posts on this issue.

First of all, let me say that I am an avid CFL fan. I think the pace of the game is good and it is an exciting product for fans and players alike.

However, let’s face facts - the vast majority of the football stars we like/hate to watch come from south of the border. There have been, most definitely, some great Canadians, but for the most part our best players are American. They are most likely here and in other football leagues because they couldn’t make it/were cut from…the NFL where they all would prefer to play. And who could blame them? Just look at NFL contracts! For most, that would be reason enough, along with the adulation, endorsements… For that matter, most NCAA contracts, at least for Division I schools, are better than those in the CFL.

This doesn’t mean that the CFL is an inferior product, but the fact remains that football simply doesn’t attract that much attention here. I certainly hope that changes some day.

when hasn't the cfl looked bush league and low rent? Oh yeah back in 1977 when the als were attracting 60 grand a game and so were the argos with a lesser team. We could attract nfl caliber players back then. Times have changed.

Himelbauch probably took a good look at the argo offence and thought: 'I'm outta here man'. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly... So when they come to the CFL it gives them an opportunity to "work", get experience or make a name for themselves. The least they can do is honnor a contract they've signed two weeks prior.

Kind of funny or ironic that Himebauch is supposed to be appointed Special Teams coach at Wake Forrest.

Herb is back from holiday with a second great piece this week... Looks like coach Trestman has already interviewed replacements for Tibesar and they will continue in mobile next week.

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The fact Herb is now communicating with Popp has made all the difference in his reporting.

I don't think they speak but it looks like there is some form of written communication involving Homing Pigeons??? :lol:

Although, I'm sure Calgary fans have more beefs than just that with the argos and the CFL. Sometimes I wonder about this league...

and now Bob Nicholson prez of the argos has jumped ship. Kinda weird for a team that’s ‘supposed to win it all at home’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? I know there are lots of conspiracy theorists out there, but look at it this way.

Why would the CFL, or the host city, be so eager for the home team to be in the Grey Cup?

There's more money to be had if the home team isn't in the Cup.

Grey Cup was in Vancouver in 2011; so the BC Lions didn't have to rent hotel rooms; nor did Vancouver Lions' fans.

So there's more money going into the host city economy if the home team isn't in the game, because now you have 2 teams booking hotel rooms and two cities's fans booking hotel rooms, and then add in meals and other spending, and financially you're way ahead.

Good points all. I'm actually glad I can drive to the grey cup for a change. Tired of all these flights out west. :?