Coach HATES Chang

I don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I've basically come to the conclusion that these continued references by Coach Tiffee about Chang's fragile mental state, this constant talking about him as though he's a baby, is born of some sort of personal animosity towards Chang, no doubt stemming from the confrontation earlier this season, perhaps from something even before that. If I were in Chang's position and my coach was talking like that about me in public I'd be royally pissed...

coach taaffe was asked a question about timmy and told it like it is. wouldnt your mental state / confidence be out of whack when you have a couple bad days at work. i dont think coach taaffe dislikes timmy or he wouldnt had said that he wants timmy here next year and future years

a hotshot QB who came into the league thinking he could play the game in his sleep but was terribly mistaken. I was never one of those "Chang for Starter" fans, I was simply a "Get rid of Jason Maas" fan.

I dont see Timmy here much longer, He's no longer the #1 & he wont even be the #2. They even brought in another QB. You should start counting down the days until Timmy is gone out west.

"Hate" is an ugly word. Why would Coach Taaffe "hate" Timmy Chang? Life isn't about confrontation and division.

That's what it's starting to look like, but it sure is interesting how they're now willing to take such swift action in doing away with an underachieving QB when they hung on to lame-duck Maas for soooooooo long. No doubt Chang will become a star in this league with another team.

But you're not bitter :roll:

What a STUPID post "HATES" bottom line yes he failed at starting for us but to say the coach hates this player is totally unfounded :thdn: Timmy could still be a good #2 or a ,starter in this League maybe not on this team but on another. Williams has been on this team and in the CFL longer then Timmy give the kid a break :roll:

More to the point, give Charlie a break. LMAO

Hates? Was Timmy cut? Did Taaffe pop a vein in his forehead and eat him alive after the fourth pick? All I saw that was dysfunctional was that Ed O'Neil's attempt at playing "Freeze" was not appreciated by Zeke Moreno. Twice.

Fans often write in a confrontational tone ( a la the anti-Danny Mac brigade circa 2004-2005). It's curious to read something here that defends a passer who throws four interceptions because of perceived abuse that points out the fragile psyche of a pivot. I am almost touched. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Taaffe told the truth. He doesn't control the media's attempt to create an angle, so the reading into this of this being a mantra may be off-base.

Timmy has to buckle down, work harder in the filmroom, and take the time to assimilate CFL speed. That takes time. Ask Richie Williams.

I have confidence he will bounce back.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't see anything in Coach Taaffe's character that says he has a hateful bone in his body......

He probably feels bad for Chang that his real debut to the Ticat fans didn't work out......but why would he "hate" him?'s only a game at the end of the day......


Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything.

Ah, but if I told you that Chang killed Taaffe's dog, it would all start to make sense, wouldn't it.

gawd.... what a stupid comment.

Mark my words

In 2 years time Chang will not be in this league.

I'm not so sure. I think there's a team out there that's willing to invest in him and develop his potential.

If true, Taffe can join the club. He'd be member #42,394.
If Coach ever reads these foolish threads....dues are $15 a month, that includes a keg of beer at the local's monthly meeting and a monthly group newsletter (now in colour!!!). Thanks.

Dumb!If he hated him he wouldnt even be on this team!lmao!

I was quite surprised at how candid Charlie was when asked about Chang. He is usually quite bland when talking about players and performance but this time he really laid it on. He never did that with Maas although one tine he gave a hint that Jason was not responding to stuff.
But " hate" is a stupid word to use…especially in capital letters. Frustrated, unhappy, disappointed…thats how I would describe him. And no wonder.