coach has to blame the players

Everyones saying dont blame the coach blame the players....well it doesnt do a lot of good for us fans to blame the players...the coaches have to.

But theyre not!

The players keep screwing up..penalties, bad plays, etc etc etc and nothing is done about it!

I blame the coaches for NOT doing anything about this garbagge.

Start benching players for their selfish penalties. Start kicking players off the damn team if you need it (I know a coach cant boot a player off a team but he sure has big influence in it)

Im sorry but not only does firing a coach get rid of a crappy coach but it also spices things up, changes things up, and just overall gives us some CHANGE

I could say "nobody talks about the players screwing up", but that isn't my role here. :wink: Good job on pointing out that there's a lot to fix on both sides of the ledger. Does that mean firing coaches? Not that my call matters, but I don't know how many more tank jobs can occur here without something being done.

What is the pain threshhold of the brainstrust here? Interesting times ahead, if for nothing but the forensics of this. I would like to think we will have a salvageable season when the smoke clears.

There has to be a turnaround before say we go 0-7 (a loss to Winnipeg) for those who think the coaching staff-to-results ratio is neato, I would hope. Maybe it's 0-12. I really don't have a handle on what level of mystification has to be disapated before the cold hard facts come into play.

It's tiresome.

Stacking rubble is not rebuilding in the bigger picture.