Coach has to be willing to pull the QB

It is maddening when our QB stays in the game, and he is struggling. Like an earlier game, Durant could have been spelled for a series, or two, to see what BC was doing to him. BC said the same thing we said to Bishop "Beat us with your arm, QB" and both teams were right.

I wish someone could pull LaPolice.

O-line sucked

And Cates is going nowhere quick.

Can't blame DD for the lose, although Kevin Glenn could have won the game.

u got to be kidding
were we watching same game
I have been very positive with Durants development but he lost the game for us
He was overthrowing and one hopping balls to receivers all night
If has matured he will tell teammates and fans he stunk
Coach Miller should of pulled him for a bit but then fans would have said "You have to let him work thru it"
Durant for some reason was scared (rattled)
Hope it wasnt because of pressure because the pressure with get more intense further into season and playoffs

Durant wasn't the only reason we lost this game. Yes, the offence couldn't stay on the field and we had no run game as we usually don't against the lions. While our D played well, they had a bit of trouble getting off the field. BC was able to march on all of their drives in the first half.

The Riders can still take the season series with a convincing win over BC at Taylor Field. I think they would have to win by 11.

14 to tie, 15+ to win.

We needed a much better running game, but our offence was bad in general. I'm still no fan of LaPolice.

LaPolice seems to show sparks of genius but other times makes the o completely vanilla

"by RidersNeverDie on 05 Oct, 2009 - 00:53

LaPolice seems to show sparks of genius but other times makes the o completely vanilla"

I agree with you
so why does he look vanilla at times?
Are the genius plays from Coach Miller or are the vanilla plays his

Maybe pulling Durant would have helped, maybe not. I think Miller realizes if this team is going to do well it's going to be with Durant so unless the game is out of hand Jyles won't be going in. The run game is the most frustrating part of this offense. Cates does well when other guys are involved in the run game or he gets involved in the pass game but he goes nowhere when he is constantly asked to run it up the middle. So why is it that every second game they go back to these calls?? There's no doubt Durant didn't have a good game but there were other reasons for the loss. One thing is for sure, Fantuz is extremely important to this offense and can simply make plays that other guys can't. The guy is awesome!!

From the outside looking in, what is strange is that last season many posters were complaining that Miller was too quick on the trigger to pull a QB out of a game and replace him with one of the backups. . . so now this season we're getting complaints that he's too slow on the trigger?

Durant wasn't playing that badly. I lay this one on LaPolice.

  1. They kept trying unsuccessfully to establish the run.
  2. The pass protection wasn't good enough.
  3. There weren't enough quick-hitters to slow down the pass rush.

With no running game or pass protection, even Rickey Ray will look bad.

The intercetptions hurt, and those were on Durant. But I think the big let-down was on the O-Line.

Thats a very good question and point.
Here are my two theories:

  1. LaPolice isn’t preparing well against opposing teams and is a) underestimating the opponents ability to adjust to his game or b)underestimating his ability or his teams ability to execute more brilliant plays.
  2. Miller is coming up with the “genius” plays and LaPolice is on his last string as an O co-ordinator and makin his offence bland in hope of great executing and lack of planning by opponents.

Either way I feel strongly that LaPolice is not preparing properly before games and is not exposing the weakness of the other teams also is not adjusting or having a “second” offence as a “back-up”

that makes sense
hence why we have been doing nothing in the 3rd quater all year

Our o-line had its worst outing in a long time. What, 5 sacks and numerous hurries. Cates had nothing, against what is the worst run D in the league. And, Cates made some amazing blitz pickups, or DD would have been sharing apple sauce with Buck this week.

Any word on when either of Belton or that other whats-his-name at tackle are healthy?

bad coaching cost the Riders in this game, you could tell Durnat was off his game, Miller should have taken Durant out for a couple series let him watch from the sidelines and then put him back in if Jyles can;t move the ball, Jyles is not that bad of a QB he could have changed the game around, he has some decent legs as well and can run. Keeping Durant in the entire game was a big mistake, what harm can be done taking him out for 2 or 3 series? Bad coaching once again

BC plaayed a lot of man, Dressler was doubled, The Riders coaching ( LaPolice) never adjusted to the BC. D…

Cates, whom still has game , was handed the ball on shotgun draw plays 5 yards deep…Repeatedly…No offense, but Cate is like a bulldozer,a one speed grinder…But come on, Not even Moses could part the BC D.line long enough for Cates to hit a hole…

In addition to Cates We really need to add a diff. look at RB.

Why is Miller now talking about the QB switch for this week??? Is it not always the option.
Last game was the time Miller should have made the temp. couple of series switch at QB, Don’t just talk about it Miller, do it when the time requires.