Coach / GM candidates

Hard to believe Huff enough has.......or needs a rght handed man. That is why I forgot about Murphy.

Obviuosly a top line choice to fill GM. Calgary has been solid 8-10 years and they do it by building good Cdn depth. They also allow a certain amount of change to happen every year. Their receivers this season aren't the caliber they were last yr or 2013.............but they are certainly doing it well enough to be a top end contender. Stamps are just solid...........their OL depth is just an example.

Murphy could show some interest. Huff has said one more year to coach (2016) and then Dickenson steps in and Huff remains as VP football/GM. They might try to convince Murphy to stick around and take on GM but Huff would still be the guy running the ship..............there is an argument Murphy might be ready to spread his wings.

Tillman will still factor in. He's a good GM and his USA talent abilities are very strong. Not sure how he does it but he gets it done.

Very hard to think of more choices????? Ed hervey via Edmonton (hahaha). I can't see any other club ditching their GM. Of the two bad teams one has just ditched their GM and Walters in W'peg will be given a 3rd season no doubt (and he needs to secure a legit 2nd string QB). Coaching jobs will be available with Riders and the Als reloading. I predict Austin moves on because he just won't stay anywhere too long.............he'll win his GC and check off the box and be ready for more offers (CFL/NFL and US NCAA). If Austin trucks along then the Cats also need to secure a GM (perhaps Tillman carries on).

I believe this is Huff's last season and Dave takes over in 2016

Do you mean as GM too? I knew he was going to be HC but my understanding was Huff was staying on as GM. HC. Technically, but Huf and Dave's contract end after 2016...but I would be shocked if they are not extended...Huf's likely this year, with re-wording about duties/roles and likely a bit of a cut for cutting his duties down....pretty sure his last contract was 5 years...massive by CFL standards. Dave's...likely before next season so as to bump his wage up.

That said...Murphy's contract is up at the end of this year I believe.

I would like them to go after Murphy, and be directly backed by Chris Rossetti. I would put a lot of eggs into that basket to get them on board.

Murphy sounds like a decent choice. Looks like he has been involved in a lot of football scouting gigs, including his own business...

Yeah I would like them to get Murphy also. ed said in another post they need to go out of the current organization for replacements and I agree. The stink is on the guys here now, time to wash it away with some new blood.

Dyce actually could be a good HC I think, he just was dealt a very bad hand but after two very bad season I'm just not sure we can gamble that he will be good. We need to turn this sinking ship around and as fast as possible.

I would bring in Murray as GM and Lapo as HC keep Dyce perhaps as an assistant, O Day could go back to assistant or even into a pr role ? Keep the special teams coordinator and fire Quick and Chappy and his son so fast that it wouldn't be funny. Fire the defense scouting team. IF there is a couch of the defensive back field fire him too.

As for OC and DC I'm just not sure who to get. Perhaps Bene as the DC would work but I would certainly look hard for someone else. OC I'm at a loss.

IF they went to Lapo as a HC I would be fine with Chaps...Lapo would be the right guy in there to refocus the ship. Chaps is not a bad OC. He has a pretty good book, but sways in silly ways with deployment at times. I would entirely trust whomever Lapo would bring in as OC...and it might be a guy like Glenn right off the hop with a lot of guidance...essentially acting as an assistant to start. I believe he would bring in Bene as DC

I like Dyce...but the "nice guy" coaches are hit and miss. It is unfortunate he was stuck with Quick for his HC shot.

Pretty sure Durants best statistical year was with Dyce as O.C. before the self proclaimed genius Cortez became available and they jumped ship to him.

Rather depends how you look at it....Berry was there in 2010 when he had his most yards I believe...Bob Dyce was there in 2012 for his highest completion percentage...Cortez was there for his highest passer rating year and I believe an around 2.5:1TD/IND ratio...perspective is everything on what you take as his best thing is certain....I feel for the guy and how many changes he has seen

Sorry but if they keep Chaps we are BONED. I would give Gainer the position before keeping chaps, I would give Gainer's mother the position before chaps. I would be so so on Dyce getting it but would give it to him before chaps.

I don't want Chaps or his son associated with the team in any way, shape. or form. I want them out of the province tomorrow.

The offense was good the first few games but once the defense saw the riders the second time they knew exactly what to expect as nothing changed. BC torched him and the Riders had better do the same.

problem is who do you bring in then? Lapo is qualified to steer him while still giving him some room. Get him diversifying. pretty much anyone else is going to require a lot of over-site...and I don't see the organization being in favor of that after the CC / Quick mess. There are always good candidates out there...but not ones with experience. IMO the smart thing to do is move Chaps Jr to a defensive assistant and bring in a guy like Joseph, Glenn, etc as a QB coach and OC a potential replacement in-house. If there is a bashing of minds during the season, it is easy to punt someone then. If it goes well...great...if it goes less than desirable you have a guy with a year under his belt for 2017. If it is Lapo, I don't believe he would offer Chaps a job, but IMO it would be a healthy combination.

I think another name to consider might be Ray if he hangs it up...that is a big if though. And to go along with the ex Esks trend...Moss has been impressive as a WR coach and now an OC...One of Henry's best years...he could be a HC candidate. I have about a dozen guys who would be on my seek an interview list...But it all starts with a GM...

I wouldn't give Chaps Jr the responsibility of ball washer. He never should have been brought in. Freaking brutal having farther/son on the same staff. Yes there have been a couple of others but I don't recall those going great either. It's just bad business having relations working on the same team. Turf both so they can keep each other company on the way out of town.

What about Dunnigan as OC? He has the experience and he has the qb mentality obviously, so he should be able to work well with Durant or Smith.

Dunnigan as OC? Shoot me in the face I hope that is a joke.

Chaps Jr is actually pretty good for his experience level

^ ^ ^ This

Hire the best GM possible first (Not O'Day)... And let the rest of the process follow in order.

There needs to be a top to bottom house cleaning of coaches as far as I'm concerned. I'm not sure if O'Day is the man. He really hasn't done much in terms of roster moves so who knows?

Well I think this upcoming week is the trade deadline so we will see if O'Day can make a few moves or not. As far as house cleaning of coaches, I am in agreement... Exception is McDiarmid on Specialty Teams. The New GM however will do his due diligence in Hiring a good head coach... Who will in turn do his due diligence on guys like Chappy, Quick, et al, and determine what's best going forward.

IMO, the first priority after GM and HC hires, is to focus on the defensive side of the football. Offensive side has still managed OK numbers without our star QB in Durant... Fix defense and let chips fall with health of Durant to make decisions there

well need to do this....GM comes first and you don't handcuff him. Hall was for example a "must stay" clause when CC came on...he had no choice. That changed after CCs contract was renewed and he was given the keys to the cabin. The coach needs final say on staff...the GM final say on HC

O'day made a push to stay on as GM doubt. His deadline savvy was very impressive...but will we get a chance to see if he can improve international scouting...

he may have locked up the spot on trade deadline