Coach / GM candidates

Figured we may as well get a thread for it

I am happy to see how the interim guys do, but O'day I am not a fan of.


  • ET is apparently a front runner:
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Not a shocker IMO, but there are people on the board who will scream bloody murder. He would come home for Family in a heartbeat.
...coincidentally...we see "the leak" was on the Board...just sayin...I was 85-90% sure I knew the source with confidence...I am 95+ now

  • Murphy...I would be all over it. Hands down my favorite pick. I feel ET is a solid GM on his own with all his favorable contacts, but I feel Murphy would actually build a scouting and recruiting system

...obviously the GM's call, and who gets selected will heavily dictate who comes on board. ET = someone like Lapo. Murphy might surprise people

  • Orlondo Steinauer - Can't argue that he goes for it all. Love his aggression. He was a successful DB coach, and has been given pretty free reigns in has looked good on him, and here is the nice part...he works with a pretty young lineup...THAT is appealing.

  • Paul LaPolice - great guy...understands all phases of the someone that might some day be a GM candidate. He took an absolute crap Bomber team to the GC after a 4-14 season, then tanked the next season...he had a horrid GM and NOTTA for QB that season. I questioned some of his Staffer choices. Paul wants to be a HC...Likes TSN...Loves coaching. the thing people overlook with Paul...he is only 45 even though he seems to have been around forever.

  • Noel Thorpe - the guy has put up solid Ds with what I would say is not top end talent overall. He has the players respect and is still known as the boss

  • Dickenson...yeah...CRAIG, not Dave. Dave ain't going nowhere. Craig has bounced around and done well everywhere, but I question if he is willing to put in the off-season time...this is a major concern

Those are a few names off the top of my head. Steinauer and Lapo are standouts out of them. Steinauer likely won't get a great look, because I think they want to go to an offensive minded coach...which in the new CFL is likely smart. Lapo is the safe pick. He is not going to be a total flop...almost assured. Crazy easy to get along with and very very level...and I think THAT appeals to them

My prediction is ET and Lapo will be the new tandem in 2016

I'm curious -would the fan base generally have a positive reaction to Tillman returning? I suppose the answer may be answered now that his name is out there.

Good question...purely my assumption, but I think the majority would welcome him back on varrying levels.
I think you would have:
~5-10% contingent of discust
~15-20% that are upset
~20% that are indifferent, or wish someone else came on instead but can live with it
~50%+ that are okay to happy with it

Depop, what do you know about Joe Womack. If I recall correctly everyone was saying he was the brains behind Tillman when he was here and that most of Tillmans contacts are actually from Womack. Do you know where he is now or if he could be considered for the G.M.? Are contacts enough to make a good G.M.?

Great name. He had totally slipped my mind. He would be worth looking at for sure. As for him being all of ETs contacts.....not a chance. No doubt he has contacts though. Probably should have got it over Taman at the time but ET suggested BT...ET also hired on with the cats post Womack bouncing

Where is Murphy and role. Once I hear the first name I should clue in.

The first guy that I thought of was Womack. He was hired in Hamilton in 2011 as director of personnel. Then he went to BC in 2013 in a scouting role. I can no longer find his employment as of now. BUT ... he turns 79 in December.

I might have to go with depop on this. Don't know much about Murphy but he just might be the guy.

Tillman - NEVER EVER! I do not trust him in the slightest. NO!! I would actually consider boycotting the team.

As a coach, I'm a Benevides fan. I really like his attitude and he is just a top notch human being. Maybe it's because I live in Vancouver and I've heard him speak very often, but I really believe that he has grown wiser from his 3 years running the Lions. I totally believe that he deserves another shot and he's at the top of my list.

Lapo would be the safe solid choice. I think would make a good coach, but I'm not sure that he would be a championship coach. Benevides I think can be a championship coach.

Steinauer of course is the wildcard. He really hasn't been in the coaching game that long. He's doing absolute wonders with the Hamilton D these days, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he would make a good HEAD coach. Tim Burke comes to mind. So does Stubler and Etcheverry. Then again, so does Chris Jones, so don't get me wrong, I would not be unhappy if they landed Orlondo but he would be a gamble. He could be a strikeout or a homerun.

John Murphy - Assistant General Manager/Director of Player Personnel * Calgary...Huff's right hand man and a huge part in building their system. He likes his spot and role...but he is likely a minimum 5 years out from being a GM in Calgary, probably closer to 10

Agreed...Which is why Lapo is a front know you what you are is safer.

Yes I would certainly be inquiring hard about Murphy. Look at the stamps success at being able to plug and play and hardly miss a beat. There ability to replace a player either to injury or whatever and still keep on ticking is actually very impressive. Even in our GC year we had a blurp on the radar when Sheets went down and Best was out. Oh it was only for 3 games but we lost those 3 games too. Back comes Sheets and Best and the engine is now purring on all 12 cylinders and picking up speed.

I would love though to be able to win a few games or better yet the majority of games when a good player is out. That shows you have depth and are more then one dimensional. Calgary is doing it again this year and if Murph has a major role in that then God open up the check book.

As for Steinauer the team has to have a look at him and see whats what. Just too much potential to pass over just because he isn't the "safe bet" everyone starts somewhere and yes quite a few fail the first time but a select few get it right the first time and then you can forget about ever getting a shot at them again. Not saying that is the case here but what if.

I have zero confidence in Oday being able to assess a guy like Steinauer vs a guy like Lapo or anyone else. In a GM...that scares me

I have a feeling that this Province and this organization, players and all, are going to fall in love with Bob Dyce as head coach. That search will be moot by the end of the season IMO.

I think it is a distinct possibility. He is an awesome guy and team first guy through and through. Dyce as an OC was big on the run, one of the best. JC can get pass heavy. Could be a good balance. Who knows.

Mike Benevides is my choice as well.

I hope you are right!

Dyce has 8 games to prove himself as im not counting the labour day coming up as that's his freebee.

Not so sure why so many think Bene would be good here. Look at the record BC had under him. They like us had really one good year. In that year they had a very very good defense and some good receivers too, all they were missing was a decent qb. Lulay started off rough but did really turn it around. Add that to the fore mentioned defense and they were off to the races for that one year.

The following year they were still a solid team but you could also see some chinks in the armor, they were respectable but not great. After that some vets were released or traded and the team got even weaker. Then last year they were a bust.

Yes you can say Walleye had a lot to do with it but you could also see like with our situation the team was starting to get that glossy eye look. I think less then half the season done and he like Cory had lost the locker room.

So again what in this says he is a good HC? He may be a good or even a very good DC but I just don't see the appeal of him being our HC. PD says he like the guy and perhaps is a bit bias being Bene is from Vancouver and gives a good interview but I have heard lots of fans from BC say they were glad he was gone and he was not a good HC. Remember Cory also seemed to say the right things to the media, up to the time things went really sour. That doesn't make him a good HC nor the same with Bene. Saying the right things often is different from doing the right things, and I think both Bene and Cory are a lot alike in that way.
Sorry I may be wrong and maybe he would be a good HC but I just don't have the stomach to go through what we just did only a year or so down the road again. That is exactly what I think would be the fate though if we go with Bene as HC.

Like I said before and I'm sticking to my guns,hire him as the DC and if we decide to give Dyce a shot, then fine, if it doesn't work out then we should know if Bene deserves a second chance as the HC. If not then its back to the drawing board again.

Well I think that they should hire a GM first (not O'Day) and let that GM find the coach that he wants.

Just for hahas....look at ET's drafting record vs Taman's...I will say this...BT wins hands down IMO

I won't feel sorry for Winnipeg this weekend after they get crushed

LOL I hope your right but until it happens no trash talk from this Rider fan. The defense is my biggest question mark to be honest. I guess we will see if they can clean it up under Quick. Not counting those chickens