Coach Frank Kush has died

He was the man with the best regular season winning percentage (.719) of all Tiger-Cat head coaches, leading the Cats to their best ever regular season record of 11-5-1 in 1981 only to lose the Eastern Final, at home, to the underdog Ottawa Rough Riders.

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Condolences, RIP

Who remembers Kush's Corner? Frank used to have a daily interview segment on 900 CHML.
Kush came in and wanted an All Canadian O-Line. It was not common practice to do this all those years ago.
Great coach, great times!! He was one tough SOB!

I would suggest inserting "Legendary" as the first word of this thread's title. RIP Coach.

I remember the t-shirts some of his player made up. "I survived Kush Kamp".

Not sure what year is was but do recall the Ticats were a solider team. Ottawa came in to town and beat the favourite in the eastern final or semi final. In any event we got beat by a guy named Pat Stokla. Kush was a tough coach and he certainly made a name for himself. He was an icon in NCAA football. RIP

Our condolences to the Kush family, RIP Frank Kush!!

The year was 1981 , I remember it well . The Kush coached Cats had one of their best seasons in years going 11-4-1 and actually had more wins than the other 3 Eastern teams combined . This was long before the age of the crossover and the East Semi actually had a 3rd place 3-13 Alouette team playing a 2nd place 5-11 Ottawa team . The Cats were heavily favoured to crush the sad sack Riders in the East Finals and go on to their 2nd consecutive Grey Cup appearance . The thing of it was though , is that apparently no one told the Riders that they had no chance in the game and that they were just suppose to roll over and submit to a certain defeat from the Cats .

The Cats were way over confident that day and wound up actually losing the game late when the Riders completed a miracle 102 yd TD pass to Pat Stoqua , the slowest receiver in their lineup ,if not the entire league . :oops:
Final score Ottawa - 17 Hamilton - 13 . :cry:
Believe me , I was there in person watching that game and it still haunts me to this day every time I think of it .

The weird thing about it though is if you fast forward 34 yrs later it unbelievably happened to us once again against Ottawa in the East final of 2015 when Ellingson caught that 93 yard wing and a prayer TD pass to eliminate us going back to the Cup again just like in 1981 . :x

You are so right Bobo! I was sitting in section 7 watching Stoqua running down the north sideline into the west end zone. Cat defenders were running in to each other and falling like bowling pins. Pat Stoqua had glacial speed but the football gods were on his side that day.

The Cats were the best conditioned team in the league and they had the best record. Sometimes there is no justice in sport and this was a perfect example. The better team lost.

Rest in peace Coach Kush. You were a perfect fit for the Steel City. Joe Zuger knew what he was doing in signing his old coach from Arizona State.

If I remember correctly, Clements through a badly timed interception deep in the Ottawa zone. The next possession Ottawa burned us with the Pat Stoqua touchdown. If the Cats ran a safe running play and then kicked a field goal then we most likely would have ended up in the Grey Cup against Edmonton.

That would have been a hell of a Grey Cup. Anybody remember the 1981 Labour Day game against the Esks. One of the greatest Ticat games ever and it ended in a 34-34 tie.

I remember a whistle going and the ref putting up his touchdown signal. The game eventually ended and the fans left the stadium. As I was leaving, I looked back and Pat Stoqua was still in the end zone. He had never left it after scoring. He was that slow. That play haunts me to this day!

Oski Wee Wee,


Funny how the mind plays tricks with our memories. When Pat Stoqua caught J.C. Watts two-yard pass and ran 100 yards for his touchdown (his second TD of the day, by the way) there was still more than six minutes remaining in the game which gave the 'Cats plenty of time to come back. Ottawa even kicked a late game field goal to win 17-13. Kush had burnt them out during the year and it started showing late in the season when they lost two of their last three games to end the regular season. One of the better Tiger-Cat teams that didn't advance to the Grey Cup game.

Not mine MP. Stoqua was THAT slow. LOL :wink:

The Cats did have their chances to drive down and regain the lead, but as you mention, they simply ran out of gas. I have no doubt had they made it to the Grey Cup, enough adrenaline would have kicked in for us to knock Edmonton off. Had we gotten there and they played a similar first half as the one they did with the Rough Riders, Clements and co. would likely have buried them. One of those "what ifs."

Oski Wee Wee,