Coach Bleamer now with Edmonton

Hope his coaching abilities on how to pick up a blitz follow him to the Prairies - especially when they play Hamilton and Otis Floyd is in the backfield all night!

Frito Ray won't be able to direct much offence from his backside!

Here's the full staff:

Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator – Noel Thorpe Returns for his second season with the Esks to oversee the special team unit and adds the duties of Assistant Head Coach to his portfolio. He spent his first six CFL seasons (2002 – ’07) with the Montreal Alouettes.

Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach – Jim Daley
One of the top defensive strategists in the Canadian game, Daley has been a head coach in Saskatchewan (1996 – ’98) and Winnipeg (2004 – ‘05), defensive coordinator for Saskatchewan (1994-’95) and an assistant with Calgary (2001) and Ottawa (1991). In 2007, he was the CFL’s senior director of officiating development. The Ottawa native was head coach of the Ottawa Sooners and the University of Ottawa before moving to the pro ranks.

Linebackers – Danny Kepley
Kepley enters his eighth season on the Eskimo staff; fourth as linebackers coach. A member of both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the Eskimo Wall of Honour, Kepley had a storied playing career as a linebacker with the Esks, helping to lead the club to five consecutive Grey Cups from 1978 – ’82.

Defensive Backs – Stacey Hairston
He has spent the past 12 seasons at his alma mater Ohio Northern University. Hairston also served as the head coach of the successful women’s golf team at ONU for the past seven years. Hairston was a multi-sport collegiate star who was a standout defensive back with the Saskatchewan Roughriders (1990-’92) and the NFL’s Cleveland Browns (1993-’94).

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks – Rick Worman
Returns for his third season with the Esks; his second overseeing the club’s offence. A former CFL quarterback who played six seasons with Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatchewan, Worman was Winnipeg’s offensive coordinator in 2001.

Offensive Line – Jeff Bleamer
A former NFL player who made the jump to a stellar coaching career in the U.S. college ranks, Bleamer joins the Esks after spending 2007 – 2008 with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Bleamer has coached at Colorado (1985 – ’86), the Citadel (1987 – 1997) where he worked with former CFL coach Charlie Taaffe, East Tennessee State (1997 – 2002) and Ohio State (2003 – ’04).

Receivers – Jason Tucker
One of the most prolific pass catchers in Eskimo history, Tucker moves to the coaching ranks after suffering a fractured neck last season that cut short his playing career. The four-time CFL and CFL West All-Star and 2003 Grey Cup MVP finished with 7046 yards receiving, fourth on the Eskimo all-time list.

Running Backs – Terry Eisler
Eisler enters his third season with the Esks. Eisler was instrumental in the development of Calvin McCarty who emerged as one of the CFL’s top Canadian stars. Before joining the Esks, Eisler was the offensive coordinator at the University of Alberta.

I'm not too excited to see Bleamer with the Esks after the pitiful year your o-line had. However, I remain optimistic that it was due more to personnel and overall offensive scheme than Bleamer's coaching.
Daley is not exactly receiving a warm welcome from the fans either but the rest of the staff looks pretty good.

Coach Bleamer is good man .. I miss him a lot the Problems where not his fault ..
We lose Cedrick thats when it all fell apart
The Tackles where never any good at Pass Blocking
Boy could we run block
so you can't say he did do his job.
I wish him luck in his new job

Good Luck Coach, I'm happy for you.
from your friend at Family Fitness-Good Life.

The hiring of Jeff Bleamer as the Eskimos' offensive line coach will be an inducement for Ticat free agent Jesse Lumsden to sign with Edmonton this year.

I don't agree - regardless of the talent portion - Bleamer was unable to provide leadership and tap into teaching skills that are required to be successfull. From the onset of training camp you could see huge problems. I say good move on our part and good luck Eskimos.

Very astute observation, TCTD. I agree. Why else would a team
with no connections to Jeff Bleamer add him to their staff?

I am more worried now that Edmonton
will cough up attractive money to Jesse.

Jeff Bleamer’s run blocking results were outstanding both years
and Jesse might feel he could do the same for him in Edmonton

if he went in Edmonton.


The fact that a teacher’s students haven’t mastered
what their teacher has taught them is not necessarily
an indictment against the teacher’s teaching skills, armchair.

IMO, Jeff Bleamer is a fantastic teacher of all the skills
that O-linemen and D-lineman need in their aresenal.

When come to Practices you see how hard Jeff works
Edmonton has find Coach ..

Re possible ties between Bleamer influencing Lumsden signing with Edmonton.

I was hoping for just such a relationship when G Marshall signed here as the DC.

I was hoping that some of the top Bomber D free agents would follow Marshall here (respect, loyalty, friendship, etc) but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case (ie, with the recent Bomber re-signing of big names like Walls, Williams, Simpson, etc).

ronfromtigertown - Let me frame this an another way, Bleamer obviously never held his students accountable for his so called teaching abilities. 67 sacks says it all.

Appparently, armchair, someone designed an Offensive scheme
for these unfairly maligned O-linemen which left one man open

in some [all?] situations....and it wasn't Jeff Bleamer.

Maybe Charlie Taaffe called in a favour to his old buddy Danny Maciocca?

I agree about the scheme issues, but I hope that “unfairly maligned” doesn’t include Woodard or Thomas.

I don’t see how Obie could pick anyone other than an OT with the 1st overall pick this year… (Rottier maybe? Does he have a year of college eligibility left though?)

Personally, I wish Coach Bleamer well. It’s hard to make a living as an assistant coach in the CFL-- the pay’s mediocre, the work is tough, and there are no benefits to speak of. I don’t see the need to dissect our offensive production to determine how much blame we can put on him. I’d rather take it easy on the guy and just thank him for his efforts and wish him luck.

Great post, stevehvh!
I think it’s the way we should treat all our fellow men and women, not just assistant coaches, including Argos.
Best wishes in your new position, Coach Bleamer.

I was with you until you included the Argos............................................

…yeah, maybe I was a little over the top—“including Argos”. It’s not the athletes, it is difficult to fell any empathy for some Torontonians, especially those who want the NFL in and the second-rate, bush-league CFL to fold, or at least leave Toronto, or have anointed the Argos as GC winners in February.

I really should have said “even yahoos” as defined by Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

You mean Argo fans fit this definition of Yahoo, merlin?

'A race of creatures who are in the form of men who are
bestial, uncultivated, violent and loutish brutes.' :twisted:

Sounds more how Tiger Cats are portrayed in Trawnna. :o

All in fun though, right, merlin? :slight_smile: