Coach Berrys Comment on Glenns Status!!!

i just herd on the radio today from this morning or last nights interview with berry that kevins recovery is going great so far and with good strengthening exercise and a little luck might be able to go by the bombers next game vs the argos! he said its up to kevin he said he has to feel comfortable,painfree and strong to play, but it seems doug seems hes well on his way.

so even if he does miss the argos game this sounds like he should be back by the game after which is great news for winnipeg

youl prolly rip me apart for not having direct quotes or proof of this but im sure other people in winnipeg have heard this also.

Go Blue!

I have read that he will definitely be back for the LDC in Regina.

im very excited for that game should be great.. also i apologize for starting a new thread i didnt see the existing one beneathe it :oops:

Thats okay, the other was started by a troll.

...i heard they don't want to rush Glenn back....but also heard he's made great progress....Kevin is definitely in the best physical shape of his career...and that could help in his early return... in the future... .. IF he's going to be as fragile as Dave Dickenson ....the Bombers definitely have to try and find a Buck Pierce type qb. as back-up....easier said than done...but Taman has found good players in the past ...and that's what he's doing in the states right now....good luck Brendan... :thup:

Yeah, let's let Glenn rest up for the LDC, and have Michna or Banks face the Argos.

We only need 4 or more wins until the playoffs, but better make it 5 to be more cofitiable.

beating to is more important than beating the greeners though so if he is ready and is not likely to just reinjure himself i say put him in for to. this game could end up determining the home playoff game.

right you are blackdale...its always nice beating the Riders....but more important to dump the Argos....we have already won the season series against T.O....but i think a little breathing room is a nice thing to have heading into the last half of the season... :thup:

Yup. Coffee tables are usefull comes playoffs time. To hold nachos, wings and stuff...