Coach Austin has to coach elite --- starts tonight

Kent Austin is going to have to pull all the stops tonight vs Calgary. It might be the start of his downfall. Everyone expected him to be an elite coach. We have to see it tonight.

Sorry, just can't get enthused this year. Too many changes, too much bs with the stadium. We had such high hopes after the strong finish last year and now this mess

Gee - if you have to drive somewhere do you turn around and go home if the first light you hit is red?

Two games in, new quarterback (now hurt), starting with 3 games on the road - what were you expecting?

Who represented the East in the Grey Cup last year? We are only 0-2 at the moment. I think the backup QB will do a good job, but I am not going to start a pyre just yet.

Oski Wee Wee,


But the witches will be so disappointed. :frowning:

Sure that you don't want to borrow a match, Russ?

I reckon that holding something like a match correctly would be cruel irony here. LOL

You are told for months that your city has hired a new stop light coordinator. He will be working out of a shny new office building that will be open this weekend. The stop lights have been hit and miss for years, but last year seemed to be getting better. You head for work on Monday morning and sit for 10 minutes at the first 3 lights. But you’re told, wait, be patient, they’ll get better.

Too many changes…Sorry that doesn’t really hold any water if you ask me,not unless you consider Burris,Hage and Johnson as too many changes because outside of these three players the team lost through Expansion draft/ FA/trades/releases this off season were players that would be considered spare parts or replaceable.These players include the likes of Stala,Isaac,Webb,Hobbs,
Congi,Charbonneau,Bucknor,Walker,Delahunt,Bartel,Jones,Scott. I agree that looks like a lot of change,but in reality not one of these players were what you would call impact players or elite or franchise players and not one of them I listed had or made a huge impact or difference on the team last year.If you look at the current roster including active/1gm IL/6gm IL/pr the Cats have 31 players from last year on the active,6 players on the 1 gm,5 on the 6 gm and 2 on the pr. That’s a total of 44 players who were on the team in some capacity last year back with the team this year.Let’s also not forget that the O-Line is battered right now with injuries and so is the linebacking crew and that is where most of the changes have taken place.
Bookmark this thread because mark my words the worst this team will do in the next 5 games leading into Labour Day will be to go either 5-0 or at the least 4-1 and the Cats will be right in the thick of things heading into the 2nd half of the season,with a record of 5-3 or 4-4 at the very least.