Coach Austin calling on Ticats Nation to come out in Mass !!

Coach Austin's October 8 Media Availability talked about the support of the fans and the psychological advantage It brings to the players !

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I agree totally with Coach Austin last year in the Eastern Final in Toronto when we had our Tiger-Cat fans in a sea of Black and Yellow Jersey's fill the Blue Seats at the Roger's Centre we took over, made it our second home, when the announcer would call out for Argo cheers, we booed them down, when Ray took the Field for the Argo's We got Loud, the Argo players couldn't believe it, it was like the Home Field advantage went down the toilet.

We have to do the same thing Tiger-Cat Fans, Be Loud & Proud of our Tiger-Cats at the Rogers Centre Friday night and when The Argo offence comes on the field make plenty of noise, pump up our TIGER-CAT DEFENCE and lets drown out the Arblows!!


I call out to Coach Austin to run the ball.
Gotta do it sometime soon, otherwise the Cats will be ground to a halt.
Like driving to TO.

While Coach Austin did say "in mass", it is actually "en masse" from the French.

No question but the Ticat players love it when they can hear Ticat cheers over the Skydome stadium announcer. And the next two game (this week, and the 25th) promise to be very entertaining CFL games, well worth the price of admission.

I will be there for both game in sec 132 go cats go

Really? I thought he meant “in mass” as in “in church”, like without the Ticat fans there it would be just a few dozen a*go fans sitting quietly.

Fixed that for you :slight_smile: and yes will be at all 5 games remaining including Ott on the 31st

BoltZ = true fan. (Wish I could go to all five myself and be a true fan :rockin: )

what section are most ticat fans in?

I so wish I could go.

Same here :frowning:

Me too. cant wait to check out Ottawas new stadium.

Right on Crash ill be the guy in the Jack O Rotten mask :slight_smile:

Have you got your tickets yet to the Ottawa game on the 31st? because if you don't good luck trying to get any.

HOWEVER - I can't use my tickets because I'm heading back down south
best offer

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Phew. Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't think that Coach Austin wanted fans to announce they were gay in church.

'Not that there's anything wrong with that'


Thats a good challenge. Again he is going with only one RB on the 46 which they have seen is very danagerous.
I don't know if he would be ready to pull it out but McGee up the Depth Chart to number two I can see the Wild Cat package be installed at some point.
Hopefully the Cats have at least prepared on or two players to step in at RB should their be a need.
I would think the muscle and speed of Giguere makes him a good emergency candidate.
Banks is kind of small but has RB is his history for some scat back carries or screens/ safety valve with a FB in the game to stay in and block to run several plays from that personal package.
Masoli with a mental block type issue with holding onto the ball so it would be hard to trust him at this point to carry the ball.