Coach and GM staff may be leaving the Als

From the TSN site...

"Head coach Marc Trestman is being looked at for two NFL head-coaching vacancies while assistant general manager Marcel Desjardins spoke for the second time with officials of Ottawa's CFL expansion franchise about its GM position. Jim Popp -- the only GM the Montreal franchise has had since relocating from Baltimore in '96 -- is said to be a candidate for the vacant general manager's job with the NFL's Carolina Panthers."

The head coach, the GM and his assistant maybe departing for greener NFL pastures. Now, again, using the logic of some who have written on this forum, losing good talent to the south is a good thing for the CFL. And, of course, the Alouettes will have no trouble replacing these people with all the talent that is available.

Good luck with that!!!

This is a lesson for the league to create include football personnel in the SMS and issue standard contracts and benefits as they do with Players. might like to give some more thought to the above :roll: .... what good would something like that be to "OUR LEAGUE", when we would still be losing good coaches to the NFL and college teams, with all their money? :wink:

I think we best just leave it alone, :wink: because I doubt the NFL and the college teams would sign on to a SMS to help the CFL.

If the CFL had a standard contract they could not jump ship like this after the CFL hiring season, contracts have to start meaning something IMO. Costs on that side of the business are also out of wack with revenues.

They can't just "jump ship". If they have a contract they have to honour it or at least "negotiate a settlement".

As for the "out of wack with revenues"...perhaps you would also like to tell the NFL to quit paying the players so much over there, so we can have a crack at them on our side. :roll:

It is what it is....I think we have a "better, more entertaining game" over here and we need to recognize that the NFL with 10 times the population to pay for the teams will always get their way.

...Have to agree hfxtc.....It would be nice to see coaches and players alike honouring their contracts...HOWEVER what is the sense having a deal done and then incuding an 'out' clause, as part of the agreement....(see Trestman in Mont.) Kind of defeats the purpose dont you think... :roll:

This is really nothing new.
Popp got interviewed for the Colts GM position 2 seasons ago and Trestman has been on a few NFL teams radar for a while.
Both these guys are well known to the NFL organizations.
When you run a Successful program like the Als have for this many seasons, then the NFL obviously notices.
Wally Buono would probably be noticed but I would think that he just has never had any experience or exposure in the American game.
The CFL is the 2nd best professional football league in the world, why wouldn't the NFL keep an eye on what is going on up here.

What can you expect after such dominance over a period of time. Popp more than deserves a his shot as a NFL GM.

I knew that when Trestman won those back to back cups, there was no way this guy was going to stick around in the CFL for long. He has plenty of connections in the NFL, and you can't deny his track record. Guy is a great coach and I think he will do a fine job with whatever NFL team he ends up with (whether it be this year or in future years).

That's a brilliant solution. Force a coach to forego what he perceives as a better opportunity, make him stay & honour his contract, being unhappy the whole time, because I'm sure that wouldn't communicate itself to the other coaches or the players. :roll:

Guy might even purposely try to get fired. Yeah, that's a great plan all right. You may as well just forfeit the entire season.

The most successful organizations in the world allow their employees to explore opportunities that are considered to be a "step up". Clearly, you've never been in management.

The Als don't have to worry. Mike Kelly is available and looking for a new job. I am sure he would make a great GM/Head Coach for Montreal. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

woody, cartman etc. is dead on IMHO. You must allow everyone in the league to go to the big bucks when it calls for this. CFL contracts are really more for a player or coach not bolting for another team in the CFL. The CFL can't compete with NFL salaries and the understood agreement should be that they can go to the NFL any time they want. That, in turn, continues goodwill and bringing more players and coaches here in the long run that won't come if they don't have the flexibility for the NFL when it comes calling.

"If the CFL had a standard contract they could not jump ship like this after the CFL hiring season, contracts have to start meaning something IMO. Costs on that side of the business are also out of wack with revenues."


You can't make the coaching and managing contracts the same as players. They are different positions in terms of depth of responsibility and cost (for the most part). It's like the old mistake of comparing apples to oranges.

As has been pointed out earlier in this thread, what is the point of trying to keep someone who doesn't want to stay.

And according to your earlier logic, this is good for the league, and the Als won't have any trouble replacing them. Lots of talent to pick from elsewhere.

So, as you told us previously, there is no problem to fix.

8) Popp did not get the job as GM for Carolina !!!
   The Panthers hired someone from the Giants organization.

There is still hope for Trestman :lol:

8) You may be getting your wish, "Banshee".
  Rumours coming out of Chicago this morning, are that the Bears have hired Marc Trestman to be their new Head Coach.
According to FOX Sports' Jimmy Johnson, the Chicago Bears have tapped Marc Trestman as their new head coach...

...Trestman spent the past five years as head coach of the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League, leading them to three Grey Cup appearances and two titles. He has a long history in the NFL dating back to 1985, landing OC and QB coach gigs with the Vikings, Browns, 49ers, Lions, Cardinals, Raiders and Dolphins before moving to the CFL.

A student of the West Coast offense, Trestman is renowned as a QB guru, guiding Rich Gannon, Scott Mitchell and Steve Young to career years. He also drew interest from the Cleveland Browns. The 56-year-old seems to be a good fit for Jay Cutler.

[url=] ... head-coach[/url]

But, the Jets are also looking at Popp (while readers of this article are looking at Wally):

[url=] ... opp-on-the[/url]

According to TSN Marc Trestman will be leaving Montreal to be named Coach of the Chicago Bears.

I'm not getting my hopes up. It doesn't look like a done deal. Chicago beat writers are all saying the Bears haven't even contacted Trestman since his interview.

Your thread title needs question marks...not exclamation points.
Nothing has been confirmed yet.
However....if Trestman does go to the Bears, I wish him the best. He has been a respected and professional coach in all respects and great asset to the CFL.
I remember him saying good afternoon to me when I was stood near the sidelines at IWS a few years ago. He did not know me and was heading out on the field prior to the kick-off. He must have had a ton of things on his mind prior to the kick-off but still had the courtesy to say hello to an obvious Tiger-Cat fan. The Als lost that day though. :slight_smile: