well i'll laugh for him
as bad as he played some games he didn't deserve all the blame he got here. but's hamilton and the list goes on
as soon printers gets destroyed in this mike working offence he'll be called an an overpaid bum etc, you watch!

Printers will last here longer than Working -- and Taaffe -- if current trends continue, IMHO.

russ do you agree we need to hire a creative experienced o/c and no more barreesi’s working’s.
and who see to it, marcel???
i’m tired of watching offences for the last 6 seasons that are predictable and ineffective,

The easiest decision Coach Taaffe has to make is bringing in Coach Sal to take over the O-line. Next move, have Easley replace O'Neil as D-coordinator.
Then sign D-Mac as O-coordinator. Finally, move Beveridge back to safety, Cody back to halfback, in place of Roberts.
Seems so simple to me. :cowboy:

And while they are at it, grab George Cortez from Calgary.

the only way to get cortez out of calg is make him head coach the same with burratto or chapdelaine, i know clements is the qb coach in green bay.

Yes, and true.

The brainstrust have to find the best OC and DC available in the offseason who Taaffe can work with. If you can find a gold-plated coordinator for offense, then the question becomes one of whether Charlie could work with someone out of his coaching Rolodex if necessary and is he willing to surrender the playcalling duties? If not, then the assessment does become one of whither Taaffe?

It would be nice to land any of the names discussed. Tom Clements, however, will not come back to Hamilton unless I am seriously wrong. I think that bridge was burnt once the Brock trade was made.

One possibility or more may emerge if Danny Maciocia is fired in Edmonton. Either he gets fired and Chapdelaine is retained as HC or both men will likely be out. In both cases, an upgrade over the current situation -- even Maciocia.

Oski Wee Wee,

yeah didn't maciocia work with charlie in mont?

As RB coach.

I was amazed at the immediate impact coach Sal had on the O-line when he was brought in last year.

I’d love to see him back.

We tried the veteran OC and that wasnt to your liking either was it ?? I dont think its the OC . Its the talent catching the ball . There is nothing out there that a Geroy Simon or a Milt Stegall wouldnt fix !!!!!

Geroy Simon.

Wait'll next year.

(crosses fingers)

Yes, the question is... is the main problem the players (too raw, can't learn/follow instructions, lack of talent, etc) or the coaching (can't teach, poor schemes, etc).

As others have mentioned, Coach Sal did wonders for the O-Line when he came in late last year. Same O-Line players, better coaching = better results (run & pass blocking)

re the poor defense. It does get frustrating to see so many wide open opposing team players but again, are the DBs instructed to play off the receiver? Are they taught how to switch off/exchange coverage (on cross-over routes)? Why send a 3-man rush rather than blitz against a 2nd string QB? (he ran for 10 yards and a 1st down on one 2nd and 9 situation)

Other than the few regular defensive standouts (Moreno, Armour, Cody), it's pretty sad when the TiCat's defensive player of the game turns out to be the east-end goal post for the sure-Bomber-TD-pass knock down in the 2nd half.

At least it's an upstanding "citizen", we know where it stands and it has a long term contract (it ain't going anywhere) :slight_smile: