This defence (save for our LBs), is awful. Pylons in the secondary (loose coverage), no rush, no discipline. I can't even carry on this rant...Coach O'Neil is clearly in waaayyy over his head.

On offence, I'm not sure if it's our line or the play selection or our lack of imagination...but we can't run anything with any consistency and when we do, we stop doing it!!! When is the last time this team did anything that had any degree of creativity???

Coach Sal could turn this line around by the end of next week, as he did last year. Coach Working....isn't.

I'm nor sure who's available right now, but starting tomorrow morning, interim coaches from within would be better than the two co-ordinators currently in place.


Amen. I couldn't have said it better myself.

i agree fire them all now anyone but those clowns charlie hired.if not fire him and give everyone pink slips.

The more this travesty drags on the more I think the assistant coaches' lack of CFL experience is being exposed.

Taaffe takes over as head coach/OC

Less Browne for DC (Dave Easley the alternative, although he is the special teams guy with Jo Jo on his watch).

You're welcome.

Sorry Russ...I forgot to say thanks!!!


Clearly hiring two rookie co-ordinators with very young rookie players is a HUGE mistake. Defensively we are nowhere to be around (sometimes I think I am the closest Cat to the ball and I sit in the top row of Ivor Wynne). Always 5 - 10 yards off the receivers (or getting beat BADLY). The Moreno clip last week on CBC shows that Oneil has yet been able to adjust to the CFL game.
However, offensively the co-ordination and playcalling has been no better. Tonight I watched the sidelines closely and the play after our third and two success (where Printers waved off the punt team and hit Ralph) we had three coaches 10 yards on the field all running around and waving there arms. Our offensive players stood there with there hands in the air not knowing who was to be on and what play was being called. The result - a 10 yard penatlaty for too many men in the huddle. It is quite obvious both coaches are way over there heads and can not keep up with the game leaving our players lost and frustrated.
Many fingers are pointing at Taffe but those same fingers were begging for him to be hired in the offseason. Yes, he hires his coaches and has made a horrible mistake (bad judgement, no one else wanting the job or being handcuffed with $$$ could be possible reasons) BUT if this team is to get better it is time to rid of both co-ordinators and somehow find some experienced coaches to help out our young players. With printers here there should be some people interested in the offence to boost their coaching career. Once you get the right coaches players will follow.

To-night had to be one of the most embarassing games I have witnessed in my 40 years plus going to the stadium. Like many, I was earlier inclined to question the effort of the players. After tonight I place the full blame for this fiasco of a season on the coaching staff. This is not Division Two College ball.Enough said. Goodnight.

A Div. 2 school would beat this team with this defence and this offensive scheme.

For anyone that doesn't think the coaching staff has a problem, on at least two occasions during the game I heard Zeke Moreno yelling at the bench for a play and the Bombers were already breaking the huddle. (sound familiar) I heard him in the stands(box J). Of course it was pretty easy as it was eerily quiet at that point, except for everyone trying to outdo each other with jokes and puns about the game. Some were pretty good!

Marshall from Winnipeg or Stoubler from Toronto should be this teams next priority.

Not again!

What the helll is going on?

Couple that with watching players run in and out of our offensive huddle following a "13 men in the huddle" penalty speaks volumes about the team preparedness.


I like Taafffe but I'd really like to know more about our assistants.

How come other teams can blitz untouched but we can send the house and the QB looks like has time for a cup of coffee. Even better when we send three guys some receiver is sitting wide open having a cup of coffee!

Maybe it's part of the Tim Horton's sponosrship deal?

Karen_ and I were on this train last year. Less would love the job and we'd love him to have it. I'm sorry to say it, but I think the Co-ordinators are definately part of the problem. Bad assitant coaching choices killed Marshall and now it's hurting Taaffe as well. I'm always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and I liked what they had to say, but none of what they said has been happening and something has to give.

Would any of Danny Barrett, Jacques Chapdalene or Less Brown be interested in this team next year? Turk Schoenert for Special Teams (He was Matt Dunigan's guy in Calgary where he had great special teams). Even Dunigan...if he would want it.

I am so tired of coaches with no clue...all these names have had great CFL experience, and are still young enough to relate to young players.

Printers would very likely enjoy working with any of them.

I'm starting to wonder if Taaffe just inherited and rode a good team in Montreal...he would have addressed his assistants coaching weaknesses & issues by now, would he not have? A good coach has lots of contacts in Football and people want to work for any time.

Not me. I saw Less Browne viscously $ucker punch a referee in the face durng a touch football game. It was cowardly, despicable and shows a total lack of character. Never in a million years would I want someone like that coaching my beloved Ti-Cats. What could a person like that teach any impressionale young player. Absolutely no way! This guy needs help.

it took to seeing mighty casey to run for his life and get sacked 6 times to finally have some open up their eyes and see where the problems lie in this organization.
betcha maas is having a good laugh and i hope he doesn't read these forums.

Jason Maas laughing? He won’t be laughing having his market value roughly halved for his next contract. He’s relieved, I would think…but not funny ha-ha relieved.

Oski Wee Wee,