Co-ordinator Talks?

Whats the latest from Taaffe? He should be naming his new OC and new DC any day now.

Bellefuille was named OC today, and i think were in talks with Dave Ritchie.


Last I heard Taaffe hadn't made a decision yet

woops sorry i read the title of a post in cfl talk and thought they hired him. my bad. I just want experienced co-ordinators, that's my big one. We need a more aggressive defense and offense. That's more creative blitzes on the defensive side and more deep balls on the offensive side.

CH's Ken Welch Confirmed Bellefuille is our new OC
It will be Announced Sometime this week

8) Welch also confirmed that Taaffe should announce his new DC before Christmas !!!!!!

That's interesting if true about Dave Ritchie. He was suppose to have been quoted as saying he would only coach next year if he was able to land a HC position. Otherwise he would retire to his home in Pittsburg. So if he takes the DC job has he been promised the HC job part way through the season if Charlie stubs his toe again...hmmm
Sounds like Obie would have his replacement HC in waiting.

8) Interesting to note also, that at the press conference to announce that Charlie would be back as HC, Obie stated that Charlie would in no way be on a short leash next season !!!!!

The proverbial kiss of death statement, " Your job is safe ". Only time will tell !!!! :roll:

Now that the Head Coaching jobs are gone,
it's possible Dave may accept a job as D.C.
if he is having second thoughts about retiring.

Young coaches on the way up might find
being dumped into a H.C. job in mid-season
is attractive but not a veteran Head Coach.

If he is having second thoughts

he could help Obie out here

or he could try to squeeze
big bucks out of Montreal.

They desperately need his experience.

NO KIDDING! Make no mistake about it...I think Obie will be very quick to make a move if he sees mistakes made on the coaching side.

I dont think it really matters if charlie has his OC and DC before christmas. Its not like they'll be drawing up plays over the break.

Yea lets wait until all of the good candidates have jobs and get stuck with less than ideal coaches, like thats never happened before

Yesterday's Star says he's been signed

"Bellefeuille has since signed with the Ticats as their offensive co-ordinator,..."

Funny how the Star has this story before an announcement and before our own Ken Peters ROTFL

Like who? Who are we going to miss out on?

I really couldn't say but lets face it, the longer we wait the shorter the list

Then why did you say anything at all? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Quit spamming, quit the agendas and quit playing games.

Heres the think...I can understand why some people would prefer having someone in before Christmas but realistically does it matter in the grand scheme of things? No.

I couldn't say because I honestly don't knowwho they have in mind. The fact is tho that the longer you wait the less likely you are going to get the candidate you want. Thats not spamming, not an agenda not playing games, its a fact. Seems to me the agenda comes from the opposite direction you suggest. Do you have a personal comment on everyone you disagree with?

It doesn't matter if we are still able to get a candidate we want. I'm not married to a particular date but the longer it goesthe more nervous I get that we'll have to settle for less than ideal candidates as we did last season